“You should become an influencer!” No. Don’t do that. The world has enough content creators hoping they’ll become the next famous celebrity putting their face on products from makeup to wine.

But here’s a secret: there’s an enormous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs who’ll partner with content creators who’ve built audiences. In fact, relative to the number of influencers out there, there are very few entrepreneurs capable of building a meaningful business selling physical products to these audiences. The opportunity lies in the wings, outside the spotlight.

In this episode, you’ll see how you can partner with influencers who’ve already built one of the three crucial elements of a successful million dollar business. The best part is, up-and-coming influencers are waiting and wishing for someone like you to help them find another alternative to lame sponsorships. This is an opportunity to build a business that excites everyone involved.

Here’s where the puck is headed.

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