Noah Kagan knows how to launch a 7-figure business in a single weekend - and he's done it 7 times.

He's learned that this is the best time ever in the history of entrepreneurship to start a business but too often people get stuck on the details instead of taking action and finding the quickest market validation possible.

In this podcast Ryan interviews him about the importance of having confidence and a clear vision as he shares his practical strategies for launching new businesses.

If you follow Noah's method you can find out in a 48 hour period if your business idea has legs and if you are sitting on a million dollar business before you even have a final product.

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(1:00) - Noah’s Failures
(4:00) - Proving Ideas Fast - What’s The Simplest Way To Test This?
(11:25) - When Do You Know When To Quit?
(19:00) - The Power Of Asking
(31:00) - Business Is A Game Of Confidence
(36:20) - Everything Is Pre-Sold
(43:30) - You Have To Validate Your Idea First
(51:49) - Success Is Boring
(1:01:00) - Solving The Best Problems
(1:04:00) - Now, Not How
(1:06:00) - WWE Smackdown Stories