Rob Oliver had a $30 million exit at just 26 years old, but Ryan met him when he was his Amazon vendor broker when he was just 23.

After starting his own business The Genius Brand he went to 8-figure in just 3 years and in this interview he shares how he was able to scale the brand so quickly.

Ryan & Rob share their brand building strategies and how to position yourself for a big exit.

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(0:00) - Intro
(1:35) - Ryan interviews Rob Oliver
(2:00) - Rob Meets Ryan Working On Sheer Strength
(3:40) - The Beginning Of The Genius Brand
(5:30) - Rob's Perspective On Amazon
(13:00) - Finding The Right Business Partner
(19:15) - How Amazon Has Changed Since 2016
(26:00) - The Secret Of Brand Evaluations
(27:10) - Why Rob Oliver Started Making Social Media Content
(33:15) - Rob's Perspective On Wealth Today
(41:30) - Post-Exit Depression And The Search For Meaning
(47:30) - Advice For People Getting Started Today
(52:50) - Ryan's Conclusion And Takeaways