Tara Bosch founded SmartSweets at the age of 21, and sold it 4 years later for $360M. She had a very strong vision and scaled quickly, reaching $125M in sales in just her fourth year in business. What a story, right?

Tara is keynoting The Capitalism Conference this year, so I wanted to sit down with her to break down how she turned SmartSweets into a household name. This is one of the best case studies I’ve ever seen in how to build a huge brand by building a raving fanbase.

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(0:00) - Introduction

(2:00) - Building And Growing SmartSweets

(3:50) - Life After Tara’s Exit

(6:30) - Getting Past The First Year

(9:28) - How To Build A Radical Fan Base

(16:00) - Establishing Your Massive Vision

(19:00) - Raising Capital

(22:00) - Finding Mentors And Advisors

(25:00) - Funding Inventory With Debt Capital

(28:00) - Hiring The Right People For Scale

(32:00) - Scaling SmartSweets

(38:00) - Authenticity Wins

(40:00) - Visualizing Success