Question for you…

Would you be okay with owning only 10% of the business you founded? Not so much?

What if that business grew to be worth a billion dollars? Would you be okay with that percentage then? 

Ryan’s conversation with Brian Lee (founder of Legal Zoom, ShoeDazzle, Art of Sport, and the Honest Company) took a surprising turn when Brian revealed he “only” owns a small percentage of each of his businesses. But, as he said, "Look, I'm out to build billion dollar companies. I'm okay if I only own 10% of it."

While most entrepreneurs wear all the hats in their businesses, clinging to their ownership stake rather than bringing others on board, the Owner’s Model Ryan teaches blows that model to smithereens. As Ryan asks, “Do you want to eat a grape or do you want to eat a slice of a watermelon?” When an owner is willing to build a bigger pie, everyone benefits.

In this episode, you’ll discover exactly what you need to build a 7-, 8-, or even 9-figure business. And if you’re expecting to hear that you’ll need to work your face off for the next decade, you’re in for a very happy surprise.

Download this episode’s transcript here.