Real estate investment is in an awkward time at the moment. There have been great returns for the past eight years, but there is now a lot more volatility.

With many investors predicting an impending correction or recession, is now really a good time to be putting money into real estate?

On this episode of Capital Gains, we’re joined by the managing principal and co-founder of Alpha Investing, Ross Reagan.

He explains how his company helps clients find real estate investments that stay valuable even in a downturn. He also shares how senior homes and self-storage are the investments to be making—if you want your investments to be recession-resistant.

Having built Alpha Investing from the point of view of an investor, Ross and his team give all of their clients the personal touch. Building trust in relationships has helped Alpha Investing to grow organically.

Hear how you can make your first investment into this space, and how you can make cash flow no matter what the market does.

Key takeaways:

  • Investing for an impending economic downturn
  • Senior housing and self-storage as recession-resistant investments
  • Building trust between investors and investment managers

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