Obviously here at Capitalism.com, we think that capitalism is a really good thing.

And as the founder of Capitalism.com, I notice that even people who disagree with us benefit a whole lot from capitalism as a whole.

For example, someone mentioned in a comment on one of our recent videos, they said, "I find it ironic that this page denounces government... on the internet," assuming that the government had created the internet.

And it's true that the government makes a lot of infrastructure. We might argue and we can have a fun conversation about whether the government needs to be involved in the creation of infrastructure, but the fact is that they do.

Of course, it's entrepreneurs and it's capitalists that build on top of that infrastructure.

It's not like the government made Facebook, and it's not like the government created Google Fiber.

It's not like the government created the businesses that allow you to share an anti-capitalist opinion on Facebook. Or even the iPhone that you're probably typing it on, or the car that you're probably texting from when you're making the update, right?

So the question here at Capitalism.com is for us, as people who live in this community, who believe that capitalism is a good thing, that even you, even if you hate what we do, if you hate greedy capitalists, if you hate rich people, if you believe that capitalism equals greed, we still believe that you benefit from immensely from capitalism.

And it's not even a fair comparison between capitalism and another system how much you benefit. Not just old, rich, white guys, but people who even hate the system. Now, we know that not everybody has that opinion, which is why we're making this video.

Because I genuinely want to hear, I genuinely want to know, why people perceive capitalism as being a negative thing.

Is it because you have a perception of rich one percenters who don't pay tax?

Is it because you have a perception that people are only in it for the money and therefore good things don't come out of capitalism?

Because, to us, it's self-evident. Capitalism is the system through which things get created, through which new products come to market, by which prices come down. It's the reason why we have a better world today than we had 100 years ago, why we solve more diseases, why we have more products, why we have more communication.

And it's because of those things that we live longer lives. And the reason why we actually talk to one another and communicate with one another and have healthy debates and conversations.

These are all things that come from capitalism. They don't come from anywhere else.

So we pose the question to you: why don't you like capitalism?

What do you perceive about capitalism as being evil, or greedy, or short-sighted?

What do you propose is a different system?

We genuinely want to know, because we can't see it. We only see the good things that capitalism does. We only see the world getting better. We only see new products being released. We only see the pie get bigger.

We want to hear from you. What do you see capitalism as? What does capitalism mean to you? Let us know in the comments.