Rep. Thomas Massie Votes ‘Hell No’ on Speaker Ryan’s American Health Care Act

Representative Massie snapped a photo of his vote on the American Health Care Act and shared with his Twitter fans today along with an apology.... read more >

Fallout from Tomi Lahren’s Pro-Choice Reveal: Why Integrity is Vital to a Brand’s Success

mmTiffany Rider

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Trump’s Ethics Executive Order Put to the Test with Anthem Lobbyist Appointment

mmTiffany Rider

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What Can Be Done About the Entitlement State to Incentivize Self Sufficiency?

Kristin Tate

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Calexit: Can California Make It On Its Own?

Jason Rink

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Cronyism Isn’t Free Market Capitalism, It’s Corruption

When we have true free market capitalism, individuals are able to experience freedom, success, and personal achievement that we are all hard wired for.... read more >

Misguided Government Intervention, Not Automation, Is the Biggest Threat to Workers

mmEric Mason

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When Government Gets Out Of The Way, Entrepreneurial Millennials Thrive

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The One Question No Liberal Can Answer About The Wage Gap

mmGeorge Gammon

In 2016, the Titanic (or land mass formerly known as California), passed the country's most laughable wage gap law. ... read more >