A Look At Government’s Failure to Support Post-9/11 Veterans

mmMichael McGrady

5.1 percent of post-9/11 veterans are currently unemployed, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics.... read more >

Massachusetts Pushes Employer Fee Hike to Pay for Bloated Medicaid Program

mmMichael McGrady

A Republican governor forced an increase on a fee that employers are required to pay to help alleviate the costs of Medicaid.... read more >

Idaho Lt. Gov. Candidate Stumping for Registered Apprenticeships

mmMichael McGrady

A case can be made that the recent push to prioritize the expansion of registered apprenticeships nationwide has become an issue that crosses party lines.... read more >

How One Free Market Economist Refutes A Marxist, Milton Friedman Style

mmMatthew Boyer

Marxist economics professor Richard Wolff recently claimed in an interview that capitalism is killing itself. Not so fast, Prof. Wolff.... read more >

This Business License Requirement to Mow Lawns is Stifling Competition

mmMichael McGrady

Despite the entrepreneurial spirit of some active teenagers, a local city government's business license requirement to mow people's lawns.... read more >

New York Doesn’t Have a Pet-Sitting Problem, They Have A Business Problem

mmMatthew Boyer

Does New York really have a pet-sitting problem? Or is new regulation just another knee-jerk reaction from legislator?... read more >

Addressing Small Business Health Insurance Costs Under Obamacare

mmMichael McGrady

Small business health insurance costs are a constant challenge for employers across the United States. Read this policy brief to learn why.... read more >

Proud to Support Austin Petersen for Senate

mmRyan Moran

"I am proud to announce my support for Austin Petersen for Senate in the state of Missouri." - Capitalism.com founder and CEO Ryan Moran... read more >

Occupational Licensing Reform Could Help Small Businesses

mmMichael McGrady

Occupational licensing can be a barrier to small businesses who wish to enter the marketplace. Learn more at Capitalism.com.... read more >