Restore Internet Freedom Measure would Deregulate the Internet, Spur Economic Growth

mmMatthew Boyer

Restore Internet Freedom would repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order (OIO). Since OIO, network infrastructure investment has plummeted.... read more >

Six Arguments Against Government Regulations

mmTom Lehman

Critics of government regulations usually argue that they are too costly relative to their benefits. Here are six arguments against government regulations.... read more >

How Government Enables College Tuition Hikes, Student Loan Debt

Kristin Tate

As usual, a government program that started with good intentions has done more harm than good. Student loan debt is a huge problem.... read more >

Why the U.S. Tax Code Must Be Cut Down to Size

mmSean Themea

The U.S. Tax Code is 75,000 pages and four million words long. It’s too big. It’s too complicated. It creates waste and prevents prosperity.... read more >

How to Solve the Skilled Labor Shortage Problem

Kristin Tate

There are many industries suffering in the country because of a lack of skilled labor. Kristin Tate breaks it down for read more >

I Just Paid Trump $300,000 in Taxes, Which is About Half of My Tax Burden for the Year

mmRyan Moran

Some of you might be thinking, "Awe, poor white, privileged entrepreneur claiming that he pays too much taxes." Let me explain something to you.... read more >

How Our Complex Tax System Punishes Workers, Hinders Business Growth

Kristin Tate

The IRS has made our tax system so complicated and confusing! Kristin Tate explains federal, state, local and hidden taxes in this video for read more >

Government Can’t Save the Planet, But You Can

mmSean Themea

Why do progressives insist on trusting the same people who run the DMV to save the planet? Learn more on read more >

Government Should Get Out of Healthcare So We Can Focus on Baseball Season

mmRyan Moran

Today on Freedom Fast Lane TV we're going to talk about healthcare. Somebody's going to get offended.... read more >