Why School Choice is An Important Business Issue

Kristin Tate

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Obamacare Disaster: Time to Repeal and Replace

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Only Capitalism, Not the President, Can Save the World

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FFLTV: Questioning Your Life Path & Why I Disagree With Peter Diamandis

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FFLTV: The Best Products and Books Of 2016 & How Fatherhood Changed Me

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VIDEO: Government Makes It Easy For Rich People To Get Richer

I was thinking this morning about what a great time it is right now to be a rich person and how much it sucks to be a poor person right now. I guess, at some capacity, it always is that way, but r...read more>

The Truth About Charter Schools: They Threaten The Status Quo

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Does the Sharing Economy Really Hurt Workers?

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Busting Myths About Gender Equality in the Workplace with Kristin Tate

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How A $12 Federal Minimum Wage Hurts ‘The Engine of the Economy’

What one thing could cut economic output by $2 trillion through the loss of 1.8 million jobs over the next decade? Raising the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour. Hey guys, Kristin Tate here t...read more>

Small Business Uncertainty: How Much Government Do We Want?

Given the meager recovery from the economic downturn, and the turbulence of the presidential election, is it any surprise that uncertainty plagues small business in this country? There’s a new un...read more>

The Biggest Wins and Toughest Losses: Teaching Women Angel Investors About Startups

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Income Report: $1.1 Million in Revenue for January 2017

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Investing in Precious Metals Successfully with Kitco’s Peter Hug

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Tax Loopholes and Little Known-Strategies To Help You Invest Wisely

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Thinking of Buying Online Businesses? Why They Are The Next Great Investment Category

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Productivity, the Eisenhower Matrix and Getting Things Done with Sean Coyne

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Investing Across Asset Classes with Real Estate Investment Expert Joe Stampone

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