Rep. Thomas Massie Votes ‘Hell No’ on Speaker Ryan’s American Health Care Act

Representative Massie snapped a photo of his vote on the American Health Care Act and shared with his Twitter fans today along with an apology.... read more >

Why We Must Keep Seeking Out Great Opportunities, Regardless of an Economic Bubble | #FFLTV Ep 17

Welcome to Freedom Fast Lane TV! Today we're going to ask the question, are we in an economic bubble?

Hey, the market is way up. We're at record highs. Everything looks great. We're more>

What Can Be Done About the Entitlement State to Incentivize Self Sufficiency?

One issue that deserves more attention in the news media is the entitlement state.

Today in the United States, there are more people on welfare than there are full time year round more>

Why the World’s Most Productive and Successful People Are Buying Businesses and Building Empires | #FFLTV Episode 16

On today's show, we're not drinking scotch. { Don't try this at home, kids. }

We're going to look at how a travel company can sell more gear. We're going to take live Facebook comments. more>

Why Culture is the Key to Attract Top Talent to Your Business

Martin Absalon asked, "How do you get the best people to work in a small business?"

This comes down to culture. We did a great podcast with Cameron Herold, who basically specializes more>

Why Following a Dan Sullivan Principle Helps Millionaires with Time Management

Ty Corfe asks on Facebook, "How do you manage your time with so many different projects?"

Actually, I have way more projects than I talk about here on the show or on the podcast, probably more>

Why Investing is the Fastest Way to Passive Income | #FFTLV Ep. 15 Q&A

Andrew Picard asked, "What's the fastest way to passive income, even if the passive income is small at first?"

There's two ways that I could address this. First, I believe that more>

When Government Gets Out Of The Way, Entrepreneurial Millennials Thrive

Here are some words that people typically associate with millennials:

Lazy, Entitled, Sheltered, and Self-Centered. The view of millennials is bleak. Yet, I’m incredibly more>

Why It’s Time to Repeal and Replace the Obamacare Disaster

Obamacare has been a complete and utter disaster. Even Bill Clinton admitted it.

We need to wake up to the fact that this was purposely shoved down the throats of the American people and more>

Only Capitalism, Not the President, Can Save the World

I remember when I was a kid of probably nine or 10 years old. I remember telling my brother that I wanted to be the president one day. I genuinely believed that I could make a difference if I ran more>

FFLTV: Questioning Your Life Path & Why I Disagree With Peter Diamandis

Today we're going to talk about why I disagree with Peter Diamandis. We'll talk about launching multiple products at one time. We'll look at how you determine your life path, and we'll look at a men' more>

The Biggest Wins and Toughest Losses: Teaching Women Angel Investors About Startups

Welcome back to the Capital Gains podcast. Today’s guest is Angela Lee, and we're talking about women angel investors. Angela teaches leadership, strategy and entrepreneurship as the associate more >

Income Report: $1.1 Million in Revenue for January 2017

On this week’s Freedom Fast Lane podcast, host Ryan Moran outlines the revenue he’s brought in and his plans for his revenue sources. In an summary of his income, Moran doesn’t just give the more >

Investing in Precious Metals Successfully with Kitco’s Peter Hug

Today's guest is Peter Hug, head of precious metals trading for Kitco. With more than 30 years in the metals business, he has seen everything from the Hunt brothers' attempts to corner the silver more >

Tax Loopholes and Little Known-Strategies To Help You Invest Wisely

The best investments a business person can make are ones that reflect the individual’s level of sophistication, according to Matthew Paulson. Paulson, an entrepreneur, investor and web more >

Thinking of Buying Online Businesses? Why They Are The Next Great Investment Category

Today's guest is Justin Cooke, co-founder of Empire Flippers, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of operating online businesses. Online businesses, from simple informational pages creating more >

Productivity: How to Use the Eisenhower Matrix to Get Things Done

Productivity. Everyone who has an idea and wants to execute on is faced with the need to effectively manage his or her time. We all have an opportunity to choose what we do with our time. Some more >

Investing Across Asset Classes with Real Estate Investment Expert Joe Stampone

Today's guest is Joe Stampone, an expert in real estate investments, a partner at Atlas Real Estate Partners here in New York City, and the original student of the real estate game. In this more >

Ryan Goes Psychic: Predictions For 2017

Welcome to 2017! This episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast is all about predictions — revisiting predictions made last year and making new ones for the new year. What should Amazon sellers more >