The #1 Lesson Jerry Seinfeld Learned That Led to His $950 Million Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth currently is at $950 million and growing.

Jerry had to go through a mindset shift to go from broke, struggling comedian to becoming the world’s wealthiest actor.

He sits atop the list of world’s wealthiest actors with his net worth of $950 million. And, just to put that in comparison, Tom Cruise sits number three in the world at $570 million. And Johnny Depp at number five at $400 million.

How Jerry Seinfeld Amassed An $950 Million Fortune

So, how did Jerry amass such a huge fortune?

Some recent, lucrative Netflix deals have paid him some good money. But really, it’s due to the long history of syndication checks he’s received for his famous TV series that’s still paying him to this day.

It wasn’t always that way for Jerry. In fact, he shared a story in his 2002 documentary, Comedian, that I will never forget.

In his 2002 documentary, Jerry tells a story of when he was a broke, struggling comedian in the 1970s. And, he was kinda dabbling with it here and there a couple days a week. He was getting the odd gig and actually being paid in food—not in money—for these gigs.

Everything changed for him on a warm, sunny afternoon in New York City when he saw some construction workers finishing up their lunch break, picking themselves up, and trudging back to work.

And, in that moment, Jerry said to himself, “If those construction workers can dedicate themselves with that level of commitment to their jobs, and I’m just working at this comedy thing one, two days a week, how can I ever expect to make it?”

From that day forward, worked on his comedy every day whether he felt like it or not, whether he was in the mood for it or not, whether he had the energy for it or not. He stuck to a commitment and a routine of sitting down, writing jokes, working on his material, every single day.

Now, there’s some people who will just say, “Well, Jerry was just talented. You know the path to success was just laid out for him. He was just gifted as a comedian.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jerry’s Hustle and Commitment to Comedy

Jerry fostered and developed his talent from persistence, hustle, and grind over many years, day in, day out. And, that’s really the message for you here today that I want to deliver.

You’ve got goals, you’ve got things you want to achieve. How devoted are you to it, truly?

How much are you giving your goals? Are you just dabbling on the sidelines, or are you all in, committed to working at it, day in and day out, whether you feel like it or not?

Because really what separates the winners from the losers is the tenacity. It’s the discipline and mental toughness to be able to push through when you don’t feel like it, to be able to push through when you’re tired, when you’re experiencing adversity and setbacks.

It’s not when everything’s running smoothly. It’s not when all lights are green and you’re feeling positive and motivated. Anyone can act when they’re in that state.

It’s when you’re not motivated. It’s when you’re down and out. It’s when your friends are going to Happy Hour at 5 pm.

It’s in those moments that define success or failure.

How To Push Through Struggle And Achieve Success

See, we often hear that success is stepping out of your comfort zone. And, really, it’s very rare moments when we are required to step out with some courageous act of bravery. Sometimes that’s required, but the majority of the times is the day-to-day mental battles we go through in our minds.

It’s developing that mental toughness, that fortitude to push through and persevere when times get tough.

Don’t wait until you feel motivated. Don’t wait until you feel inspired. Action is the catalyst of motivation and inspiration.

Waiting to feel motivated? That’s a loser’s game.

And, if you can develop that fortitude and that tenacity and that mental toughness to act in the face of not feeling like it, the motivation that you seek will be generated. The inspiration that you seek will come forth.

If you embody this principle, it you truly take this to heart and embody this principle, you’ll be unstoppable.

To Get Results, Get To Work

What can stop you if you can act in the face of discomfort? So, stop waiting. You know what you’ve got to do. Pick yourself up and get to work.

Just like those construction workers. Just like Jerry Seinfeld did to amass $950 million.

Please share this video if it resonated and you enjoyed it. And remember, stay strong.

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