Have you ever wanted to leave a stable career to become an investor—one that managed 9-figures of real estate assets?

Joe Fairless found himself in this exact situation. He studied marketing in college. He worked at an ad agency in New York City, climbing the corporate ladder quickly.

But he wanted to chase what really captured his interest: building a large portfolio of real estate investments.

He studied the field, took an honest look at his skillset, and partnered up with someone with complementary talents and similar values.

Today, Joe is a real estate thought leader with over $250 million in assets.

Joe's 3 Steps to Success

How did he get there? Joe followed three steps that worked for him.

First, you need to educate yourself on what it takes in order to achieve a high level of success within your chosen industry. You can do this by looking to role models and reading books written by successful people.

Second, you need to evaluate your own skillset critically, comparing it to what you’ve discovered is necessary for success.

Finally, you find other people with complementary skills and a similar value set and bring them aboard as partners, vendors, or operators.

Joe joins the Capital Gains podcast today to talk about his path to success. Listen in to learn more.

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