He is a bodybuilder, model, actor, businessman, and now even a politician. Arnold is well-known throughout the globe, mainly for his acting career and his astonishing body that gained a lot of fame for him. He was the highest-paid actor at one point in his career and can be said to be a legend for his world-famous role as the Terminator. 

In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth, professional life, and how he made a massive fortune for himself through all his different careers. So, let’s jump right into it and learn more about his life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth$450 Million(est.)
Salary$42 Million+
Born (Date of Birth)July 30, 1947
Age75 Yrs
Place of BirthThal, Austria
Sources of wealthActor, Bodybuilder, Politician, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Investor, Film Producer, Television Director, Writer
Height6’1” (1.88m)

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger's net worth?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, also known by his nickname, the Governator, has an estimated net worth of around $450 million as of 2023. 

Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of a lot of ambition, and this can be seen by the number of careers he has juggled. Whether it be acting, bodybuilding, or even being a governor, he has done it all and even reached the pinnacle in every one of them. But the main source of his massive wealth is his acting career. 

He is widely known for his prominent role in the Terminator movies, but he has also done some other blockbusters such as - True Lies, Total Recall, and Predator. Apart from his accomplishments in the acting scene, he has also made a lot of money from bodybuilding competitions and his other business ventures. 

What Are The Sources of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Net Worth?

Acting Career

Arnold had his first big break in the film industry just after he won his first Mr. Olympia and he got casted in the feature film Hercules in New York. Even after this, his bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron was released, and he started to become more well-known in the movie industry. 

The famous actor did some movies after his super hit documentary, the most well-known being Conan the Barbarian, but his career took off for real when he played the lead role in the Terminator. This one super hit film made him a total of $75,000 for his work, and it even went on to earn a massive 80 million dollars throughout the world. After some time, he returned to his role as the Terminator with his friend and the director, James Cameron. He also worked on many hits such as The Running Man and even kickstarted the franchise The Predator, which is still running. 

Arnold didn't just do action blockbusters but also did some comedy movies, such as Ivan Reitman's Twins. The movie made an estimated $215 million, out of which Arnold owned 40 percent of the total earnings of the movie. So, Arnold easily banked around 35-40 million dollars through this single project. The actor’s career included many more blockbusters, and he played roles that are still famous to this day, and some of his characters are known to be some of the best characters in the movie business. It is estimated that his total earnings from the film industry alone are around 300 million dollars.


Even at a young age, Arnold knew what he wanted to do. He once stumbled across a bodybuilding magazine and was so fascinated by it that he knew he wanted to become one. It's said that at the age of 13, he lifted his first barbell, won his first competition at the age of 18, and won the coveted Mr. Olympia 10 years later, making him the youngest person to achieve this feat.

After that, he won a total of seven Mr. Olympia titles, and also won a total of 5 Mr. Universe competitions. Arnold once said that at the time, bodybuilding competitions did not have a big prize pool and stated that “we didn't do it for the money”. Even after winning Mr. Olympia, he said he was given a sum of $750, which was still a lot of money back in the day. 

Arnold has won a number of bodybuilding competitions and titles, some more of them being:

  • Junior Mr. Europe (Germany, 1965)
  • Best Built Man of Europe (Germany, 1966)
  • Mr. Europe (Germany, 1966)
  • International Powerlifting Championship (Germany, 1966)
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Amateur (London, 1967)
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Professional (London, 1968, 1969 and 1970)
  • German Powerlifting Championship (Germany, 1968)
  • IFBB Mr. International (Mexico, 1968)
  • IFBB Mr. Universe Amateur (New York, 1969)

Although the exact amount earned through his bodybuilding is not confirmed, we estimate the value to be around 50 million dollars.

Business Ventures 

Schwarzenegger is a guy of many abilities, and his diverse business pursuits help him diversify his holdings. Two of his films were supported by Oak Productions: The Last Action Hero in 1993 and Aftermath in 2017. The corporation made box office sales of $137 million in total. With the two films' $95 million combined expenditures, that represents a $42 million profit. 

The four-day Arnold Sports Festival celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger's love of sports and fitness. Since 1989, the festival has been hosted in Columbus, Ohio, every year. Since then, Arnold Sports events have appeared in Australia, South America, Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom. We estimate that the festival draws in roughly $2 million annually with an average attendance of 20,000 people and the event's rights may fetch as much as $10 million.


Additionally, Arnold also earned some extra cash by starring in commercials for games like Mobile Strike from game developer Machine Zone in which he plays as a military commander. And not only that but he also showed up in the BMW Super Bowl 2022 Commercial. In addition, Schwarzenegger makes money from endorsing goods. He has worked with companies such as Bud Light, 7Up, Nissin's Cup of Noodles, and DirecTV for endorsement and made quite a sum of money. We can make an estimate of $20 million from his various endorsements over the years. 

Personal Brand

Arnold is the co-founder of the Food Products company Ladder, which he opened with Lebron James. Throughout his different investments, Arnold has shown how good of an investor he really is. Reportedly, his goal was to supply quality nutrition and supplements to sports players and gym enthusiasts. Although the company did not last and was sold around 2020, our sources tell us that he earned a combination of $50 million throughout its run.

Property Holdings

Real estate is still very important to Arnold because it is where he made his first millions. He likes it as an investment since he can use his down payment as leverage. Arnold's movie production firm, Oak Productions, Inc., which operates out of a Santa Monica building with approximately a dozen other tenants, is one of his most valued possessions at around $10 million.

Columbus, OH Mall

Arnold collaborated with the Limited and developer Georgetown Co. to establish a mall in Columbus, Ohio, as part of its ongoing retail diversification strategy. Given that office space in the neighborhood costs $135.26 per square foot, the estimated value of this 1.7 million square foot structure is roughly $230 million. We calculate that he owns 50% of the project because he invested with a partner, making his investment worth about $115 million. 

Idaho Vacation Home

Despite getting divorced in 2021, Arnold and Maria Shriver still shared ownership of a lavish property in Sun Valley, Idaho, where they resided when on vacation. The couple's custom-built 18,000 square foot residence has lovely mountain vistas and a stone and wood interior. 

Brentwood Estate

After their divorce, Arnold received sole possession of the home he had lived with Shiver, and what a home it is. The couple paid $5.1 million for the estate in Brentwood in 2002, and it boasts a tennis court, seven bedrooms, and ten bathrooms. According to current market values for comparable houses in the neighborhood, which range from $6 to $15 million, we believe Schwarzenegger's property is worth around $12 million. After combining all of his properties, the amount they would all be worth would be around $350 million.

Art Collection

Schwarzenegger also has an art collection dedicated to him in the Getty Museum collection. Other than that, he has appeared in many magazines and modeled for many art projects. Their worth has increased over time and has reached new heights. If we were to make an estimate then we would say Arnold has an art collection somewhere around $30 million.

Movie Royalties

Arnold is one of the most highly paid actors of all time but it just doesn't end with that. Apart from getting the upfront paycheck for acting in a movie, he also gets royalties from a bunch of them. According to our sources Schwarzenegger was paid a total of $29.25 million as salary for the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and not only that but 20 percent royalties on what the movie makes. Afterwards it was reported that the film made approximately $433 million on global box offices. If we take 20% of that, then Arnold's total earnings would reach around $35 million.

It isn't known just how much Arnold has made in royalties alone but if he takes 20% royalties from all his movies then the estimated total would be well above 10 million dollars.

Investment Portfolio 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a lot of investments in his entire career, and he's had most of them be a success. Whether it be real estate, startups, businesses or stocks, he has invested with proper care and a lot of knowledge. The first real investment Arnold made was in the real estate industry, from which he spread his wings to all sorts of startups and businesses. A noteworthy investment being the production studio by the name of Oak Productions, and even though the company made only two movies, they still had a profit of 42 million dollars. 

He also has his own sports festival, known as the Arnold Sports Festival which is held in many states in the U.S. Arnold has also invested in an alcohol company known as Lobos 1707 tequila.

Even though there is no method to accurately know how much money he made from his investments, our sources tell us that he has made a total of approximately $200 million off investments alone. 

How much money did Arnold Schwarzenegger earn in his career?

In all of his movie career combined, Arnold made somewhere around a whopping 400 million dollars.


1. How much money has Arnold Schwarzenegger made in his career?

If we were to take an estimate of his entire earnings it would be well over $400 million.

2. What are the main sources of Arnold Schwarzenegger's net worth?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's net worth is primarily derived from his career as a professional bodybuilder, actor, and businessman. He has also earned income from his various investments and real estate holdings. Additionally, he has made money from his books, speeches, and other business ventures.

3. What investments has Arnold Schwarzenegger made in his portfolio?

Arnold has continued to expand his financial portfolio, which by this point consists of real estate, stocks, start-ups, as well as his own businesses and nonprofits. Another one of his great investments would be Boeing 747 that Singapore Airlines later leased.

4. What type of real estate investments has Arnold Schwarzenegger made?

Arnold has made many great well planned investments in his career, which include investing in a four four-unit apartment building, which he then sold and bought a 12-unit building. And when he made profit on that, he then sold that too and bought a 36-unit building, after that he did the same to buy a 100-unit building. 

5. What bodybuilding titles has Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved?

Arnold has achieved a variety of bodybuilding titles, some of the more known ones being- five Mr. Universe wins which included 4 NABBA [England] and 1 IFBB [USA], and also won seven Mr. Olympia wins. Through this he created a record which stood for a long time, and was then broken in 1991.

6. How did Arnold Schwarzenegger become successful in bodybuilding?

Arnold Schwarzenegger became successful in bodybuilding through a combination of hard work, dedication, and a strong competitive drive. He began training as a teenager in his native Austria, and quickly made a name for himself in the sport. He won his first major international competition, the Junior Mr. Europe contest, in 1965.

He moved to the United States in 1968, where he continued to compete and win major bodybuilding competitions, including the Mr. Olympia contest a record seven times. He also used his success in bodybuilding to transition into the entertainment industry, where he became a successful actor and businessman.

Throughout his bodybuilding career, Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for his disciplined training regimen and his focus on perfecting his physique. He also had a unique and charismatic personality that helped him stand out in the sport and helped him to become an iconic figure in the fitness industry.

7. What is Arnold Schwarzenegger's real estate portfolio worth?

Arnold has spent his money with proper thought and invested wisely, as of 2023 his estimated real estate portfolio is worth 100 million dollars. 

8. What investments has Arnold Schwarzenegger made in startups?

Arnold invested in the startup Lobos 1707 tequila. He made this investment in the year 2020. It is estimated that he partnered up with four investors, including Lebron James.

9. What role did Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding career play in his success?

The annual Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition honors Schwarzenegger, who is regarded as one of the sport's most significant individuals in history. He is still considered a cherished and well known figure in the bodybuilding world for his many accomplishments and achievements. He also owns clubs and fitness publications which help him stay connected.


Well, after reading all this information about Arnold Schwarzenegger, one thing is certain. Arnold is a man of drive and self discipline. Even though he had a heavy Austrian accent, he still managed to become one of the most memorable actors and bodybuilders for all the years to come. And his physique from his bodybuilding days is still considered to be the image of a perfect bodybuilder. 

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