Bond investments might be the key to unleash your professional and personal goals.

According to contributor Glen Rosenburg, the ways to benefit from bond investing in youth and retirement are different.

Investing in bonds isn’t for everyone, but in the full audio clip above, Glen outlines precisely who is best suited to benefit from them. It’s all about lifestyle and age and according to Glen there are two types of people who typically make such investments.

The first type of bond investors are people in retirement. These individuals are older and are looking for a way to maintain their wealth with a passive income. These folks – although they are typically wealthy – don’t seek to increase their income. They essentially want to maintain cash flow as they spend their retirement savings. This enables these elderly individuals to support themselves while living a relaxed lifestyle.

And what kind of bonds does Glen suggest for this type of return on investment? Municipal bonds.

Since this type of bond investor seeks a steady, passive income to replace the money they spend through retirement, it only makes sense for them to invest in municipal bonds because they are tax-free.

But older folks may not be the only people who can benefit from municipal bonds according to Glen – young people can too.

Younger individuals are the second type of bond investors that Glen outlines in the full podcast. In contrast to typical elderly bond investors, young people aren’t just looking to maintain a balanced budget on their expenses – they’re also looking to grow their income.

According to Glen, young people invest in bonds to cover all their bases and pave the path for financial independence. It’s a lifestyle that enables young people to be more entrepreneurial, find peace, and focus on the things they care about. This passive income provides a different state of mind for the young worker.

When a young person’s living expenses are completely covered by return on investments from bonds, they have more time to find greater fulfillment in their lives. Glen would know – it’s how he found financial independence.

Although municipal bonds are the safest and most consistent, young people don’t shelter themselves from other types of bonds. Young people also seek out corporate bonds and other taxable bond investments to expand their income as they seek out other entrepreneurial opportunities.

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