Billy Gene is an internet marketer and entrepreneur. His company, Billy Gene Is Marketing, teaches marketers and entrepreneurs about various tactics to grow their businesses. Billy Gene stands apart from the crowd of marketers with his honest approach – he’s not afraid to be himself. 

Billy Gene Net Worth: $9 million

Early Life

Billy Gene Shaw III grew up in San Diego, CA and attended private Catholic schools all of his life. After graduating, he attended the University of San Diego. Although he never graduated, he’s now the CEO of a 7-figure business

His road there was definitely bumpy at times. He worked for an online school making hundreds of cold calls a day, trying to convince people to sign up. 

Facebook Ad Agency

Billy Gene’s net worth began growing with his ad agency, Billy Gene Is Marketing. This came about in the midst of his first business venture in 2011: an online program for people wanting to quit smoking. He started this because he saw the potential for online business and wanted to jump in. However, he struggled to gain customers at first. Early on in his journey, Billy stumbled across Facebook ads and made $5 off his first. This might not sound like much, but he learned quickly.  

Once he got good, a light bulb went off in his mind. He started calling up businesses, telling them he could help them with ads. Billy Gene Is Marketing was founded in 2013. Before he knew it, he was making thousands of dollars a month! The agency grew to serve over a thousand clients. 

He learned plenty of lessons from his failures. He stated that he lost one client that was paying them $25,000 a month. As tragic as this was, he picked himself up quickly and learned from his mistakes. Overall, his ad agency has worked with some of the top franchises and companies. 

Billy Gene is Marketing

His educational programs are the highlight of Billy Gene Is Marketing. His educational programs started gaining social media recognition. In his online courses, he shares skills he’s learned from starting his ad agency. He also shares more on his YouTube channel and interviews, but his courses contain the ultimate knowledge. The Billy Gene is Marketing website features his monthly educational program in addition to how-to guides, informative blogs, and other tips or advice from him. 

How much do Billy Gene courses cost?

The Gene Pool membership costs $197 per month. It includes live weekly training with Billy Gene with Q&A – He teaches one new skill to help you with digital marketing and entrepreneurship. In addition, members receive access to previously recorded training and access to the exclusive Facebook group. 

If you have a higher budget, the Billy Gene School of GENEIUS cost is $5,000 for every 6 months of enrollment or $7,500 a year up front. This is the most comprehensive and powerful online social media marketing curriculum they have designed. It’s for marketing professionals who want to grow their business. 

When they announced The School of GENEIUS, they had 165 people apply on the spot. Now, there are thousands of people registered for the program. Although expensive, almost any Billy Gene is Marketing course review will boast about how much learning material there is. On another note, the company spends $200,000 each month on their own promotional ads (including billboards)!

People love Billy Gene Shaw because he’s real. He speaks his mind without caring if it’s not professional, if he curses, or if it’s not a popular opinion. He’s also entertaining – the Billy Gene is Marketing tagline is “Entertain. Educate. Execute.” In total, there are over 7,500 students signed up for his programs.

Ryan Moran (founder of had the pleasure of sitting down with Billy Gene for a discussion in 2018. You can see their full debate below. 

YouTube video

Billy’s Books

Aside from his other ventures, Billy Gene has written two books. One is called How to Sell Sh*t for G.E.N.E.I.U.S.E.S and the other is called Videos That Sell Stuff For G.E.N.I.U.S.E.S. These aren’t available for sale, but they’re available online for free! 

Although these don’t fund Billy Gene Shaw’s net worth, they’re a great promotional tool. 

Social Media

On Instagram, Billy Gene has over 145k followers. His Facebook he boasts over 200 recommendations for his courses. 

Although Billy Gene’s Youtube channel isn’t as popular as his other social media accounts, he does have 63,000 subscribers and some of his videos have done extremely well. His videos have a cumulative total of over 5 million views since 2013. In addition, he’s been featured on a variety of a number of popular podcasts including Business Rockstars, Daily Grind Podcast, and many more.

Family + Kids

Although we’re unsure about Billy Gene’s relationship status, he does have an adorable daughter (and an adorable puppy). 

How Does Billy Gene’s Net Worth Get Spent?

Although his Instagram has many marketing tips and motivational videos, we managed to find a few hints to what he spends his money on. 

Living in Luxury

Billy Gene loves nice things. Who doesn’t? To start off, he has some magnificent cars. He recently purchased a white 2019 Lamborghini Huracan (starts at $203,000). He also has a blue Mercedes G-wagon, which costs over $100,000. His white Bentley and matte blue Ferrari both likely cost over $200,000 each. From what we can tell, he’s spent over $700,000 on cars!

What about his home? You won’t be disappointed – Billy Gene’s San Diego penthouse is incredible. It’s almost 5,000 square feet with two elevators, a pool table, piano, curved staircase, wraparound balconies, and spectacular views. We also saw a peek of his luxury shoe collection. 

In addition, he stated that he’s invested over $1 million of his money into his team, studio, and office. He has a knack for hiring top talent, which has helped scale his business even further. His company has 22 world-class employees. Billy believes that attracting great talent is based on the company’s vision and potential. 

On a side note, their office tour is amazing. 

Billy Gene Quotes

“I would have reached my destination a lot faster if I sought mentorship from entrepreneurs who were living my dream and making it happen.”

“Great leadership is caring about the wellbeing of those who are working with you — not for you — just as much as you care about your own well-being.”

“Lost $20,000 on a promo today. If I’m gonna share the wins, I’m going to continue sharing the losses too”

“Change your New Years strategy from ‘I'm going to get…’ to ‘I'm willing to sacrifice…’”

“The biggest mistake I think brands are honestly making is trying anything organic. It’s a huge mistake. It’s slow.”

These are only the beginning of Billy Gene’s inspirational quotes. If you want to hear more from the man himself, we also hosted him on our podcast.

Bottom Line

Billy Gene is a digital marketer to remember. With his entertaining approach and unique personality, it’s understandable why he’s reached so much success. As the founder of one of Forbes fastest growing business, we can only imagine how high Billy Gene’s net worth will grow to!