What is Bitcoin? That’s become one of the most common internet searches lately due to some high profile court cases that have shown that the idea of cryptocurrency is not a passing fad. But the question still remains and it’s important to understand this new digital participant in the global economy. On this episode of the podcast, I’ve got a great guest who’s going to shed a lot of light on what Bitcoin is and why it’s a great way to not only safeguard transactions but also have greater accountability in them. You’ll want to hear this one if you’re at all interested in the digital future of the global economy.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, here’s your chance to get a condensed understanding.

Tatiana Moroz is a singer-songwriter, so you might wonder why I’m doing an episode of the Be The Change podcast with her about a topic like Bitcoin. The reason is that Tatiana is not only using Bitcoin as a form of currency in relation to her albums and other endeavors, she’s also become one of the leading voices supporting the use of the currency. In fact, she’s created a “Bitcoin 101” video series to help people new to the concept understand what it is and how it’s being used. I found this conversation very interesting and a tantalizing little taste of what might be ahead for us in terms of cryptocurrency. You can get a good peek into the idea of digital currency on this episode of Be The Change.

What would it be like to have every financial transaction automatically monitored for legitimacy?

Digital forms of currency make it possible. With Bitcoin, every transaction of any kind is filed in a public record that makes it impossible to keep unethical or illegal transactions hidden. It also has safeguards built in to ensure that the products or services being received are of the quality they are purported to be. Tatiana Moroz has a good deal of understanding of these issues since she uses Bitcoin every day for transactions related to her work as a recording artist. You can hear her perspective on Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency on this episode of Be The Change.

What is Bitcoin’s connection to drug trafficking and other illegal activities?

The high profile court case surrounding Ross Ulbricht is one of the main things that has connected the use of Bitcoin to drug trafficking. The use of Bitcoin in the things Ross was doing on the internet brought its use into question by legal authorities. But my guest today, Tatiana Moroz feels that much of the case against Ross is based on very circumstantial evidence and that the things shown in the court documents demonstrate that Bitcoin was not at fault in the way things shook out. It’s an intriguing case study in the use of cryptocurrency and a great way to learn lessons about the safety and future applications of the technology. You can hear how Tatiana sees Ross’ case and what she thinks it shows, on this episode.

What is Bitcoin’s future?

While there are many pundits and critics out there who say that Bitcoin is a hopeless endeavor there are just as many people who believe it, and digital currencies like it, are the wave and hope of the future. As I chat with Tatiana Moroz about Bitcoin on this episode you’ll get to hear perspectives about the cryptocurrency movement that you don’t get to hear on mainstream media outlets very often and you’ll have the opportunity to make up your own mind about this promising technology. I invite you to listen to this great conversation.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:08] My introduction of Tatiana Moroz, her story, and why she’s excited about Bitcoin.
  • [4:00] How artists can benefit from crypto-currency.
  • [6:50] The main thing that separates Bitcoin from governmental currencies.
  • [9:35] How the Bitcoin system helps people from both sides of the political aisle.
  • [12:29] Why Tatiana believes Bitcoin makes the world safer.
  • [19:23] Tatiana’s main concerns about cryptocurrency.
  • [21:03] How the federal government is trying to regulate Bitcoin.
  • [23:08] The future of cryptocurrency.
  • [25:30] If you want to get into Bitcoin, what should you do?
  • [27:42] Tatiana’s upcoming album.

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