He is an American children’s entertainer and educator on YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

Plus, he’s one of the highest-paid YouTube stars and has made his fortune from his show, Blippi.

So what exactly is Stevin John or Blippi's net worth?

This guide provides information on Blippi's net worth, career, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales. You'll also learn about his investments and how his wealth has grown over time. 

What is Blippi's net worth?

According to different sources, Blippi's net worth is estimated to be around $75 million.

Blippi's net worth$75 million
Blippi's real nameStevin W. John
Date of BirthMay 27, 1988
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada
Height (5' 8”) 1.73 m
Monthly income $2 million (Approx)

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is the stage name of Stevin John, an American YouTube entertainer and educator who has gained fame for creating educational videos for children. He is always dressed in a blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders, and a bow tie in his videos.

Blippi's videos are intended to be entertaining and educational and appeal to young children. He is known for his energetic and enthusiastic approach to teaching and has become a household name among families with young children.

Blippi started his entertainment career by uploading videos on YouTube in January 2014.

How Much Money Does Blippi Make?

In 2020 Blippi earned $17 million from YouTube and ad revenues, making him one of the 10 highest-paid YouTube personalities that year. Today, in addition to YouTube, he earns money from a highly-successful retail empire that includes merchandise like toys, accessories, and digital videos. It's estimated that Blippi makes around $12.5 million per year from different business ventures.

Blippi’s Early Life 

Stevin John "Blippi" was born in Las Vegas on the 27th of May, 1988. He grew up in Ellensburg, Washington, "surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses." As a child, he wished to be a limousine driver and a fighter pilot.

Military Service Career 

Partially fulfilling his aviation dream, Stevin John joined the United States Air Force in 2006. He served at the 4th Airlift Squadron in Washington as a loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft. He left the Air Force in 2008.

Stevin John’s Career

The idea for Blippi videos came to him after he went back to Ellensburg and witnessed his then-two-year-old nephew viewing low-quality YouTube videos. Blippi is described as "an adult man who dresses up in bright clothes and dances around America's deserted soft play centers for the benefit of YouTube.” (Source) Stevin published the first video on January 27, 2014, where he starred as Blippi and did all of the filming, editing, and graphics himself.

Taking inspiration from children's entertainers and educators, like Mr. Rogers, Stevin John wished to portray Blippi as an educational persona who also thinks and acts as a child.

Eventually, Blippi's videos garnered a large following and billions of views on YouTube, and the production staff was expanded. John also established the Blippi franchise with Blippi Toys and began offering DVDs and digital downloads. 

In 2020, Moonbug Entertainment (Cocomelon) purchased the Blippi franchise, and the show started streaming in other languages, such as Italian, German, Hebrew, French, and Arabic. Blippi now also streams on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

He also created other merchandise comprising various toys, books, and clothing, including the My Buddy Blippi toy, which reproduces 15 of Blippi's signature phrases and sounds. There is also a "Blippi's Treehouse," which John debuted in December of 2021 on Amazon Kids+.

How Did Stevin John Get Rich?

There are several ways that Stevin John, also known as Blippi, has accumulated his wealth.  

#1. Investments, properties, and luxury cars

Blippi has made wise investments in properties and luxury cars, which has helped to increase his net worth.

His house is a 9,000-square-foot luxury home in California. He purchased this magnificent property for $16 million.The property has 7 bedrooms, a game room, 9 bathrooms, a home theater, fire places, 3 swimming pools, and Greek-styled interiors.

Blippi also owns luxury cars, including:

  • Volvo XC40 — $70,000 
  • BMW X8 - $200,000. 
  • Audi A6 – $120,000 
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class – $50,000 
  • Jaguar F-PACE
  • Lexus GX
  • Range Rover Sport

#2. Merchandise Sales and Partnerships

Blippi has a wide range of merchandise, including toys, clothing, and accessories, which are available on his website. He partners with various companies that sell his merchandise. For example, he sells his merchandise through Amazon and Walmart, with product prices ranging between $3.99 and $19.99.

Blippi has partnered with various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video,  through an exclusive licensing deal, which also gives him revenue. Hulu charges viewers a $5.99 subscription per month to watch Blippi’s videos, and Amazon charges $1.99 per episode or $59.99 per complete season. The Netflix contract, still under negotiation, could add several million more to Blippi's net worth.

#3. YouTube Revenue

Blippi's YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers and generates significant revenue through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. The Spanish version of his channel earns up to $15,000 daily. It's estimated that Blippi earns more than $11 million a year through YouTube ad revenues. 

Blippi's YouTube Income:

2021$9 million
2020$6 million
2019$3 million
2018$1 million

#4. Endorsements and Sponsorships

Blippi has several endorsement and sponsorship deals with various companies, including toy manufacturers and educational companies.

#5. Live Performances and Concert Tours

Blippi also performs live shows and makes appearances at events, which generates additional income. He performs concert tours, and his Blippi, The Musical North American tour kicked off in Charleston, US, in the summer of 2021. His tours rely on ticket and merch sales to add to the revenue.  

#6. The Blippi Story

Blippi has a storybook of 5-minute stories for children. His titles include Bedtime With Blippi, My Buddy Blippi, and more. You can find the Blippi Story on Amazon.

#7. Brand Expansion with Toys and Clothing Line

Blippi has expanded his brand to include a line of toys and clothing, which has helped to increase his net worth. He sells his toys and clothes on his websites and other platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

#8. Online Courses

Blippi also offers online courses for children, which is another source of income. The courses have assignments and certifications.

# 9. Web Series and Documentaries

Blippi has created a web series and documentaries, which generate additional revenue. For example, Blippi Wonders is now streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

#10. Investments in Tech Stocks and Airline Companies

Blippi has invested in tech stocks and airline companies, which have helped to increase his net worth. He also has about $15 million in stock markets, government securities and invests in various tech companies like Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft. 


How much is Blippi's net worth?

Blippi's net worth is estimated to be $75 million.

How did Stevin John become famous as an entertainer and educator?

Stevin John became famous by creating educational videos for children on YouTube under the stage name Blippi. His energetic and enthusiastic approach to teaching resonated with families with young children.

What merchandise does Blippi sell?

Blippi sells a wide range of merchandise, including toys, clothing, and accessories, available on his website.

How does Blippi make money?

Blippi makes money from various business ventures such as YouTube revenue, merchandise sales, partnerships, endorsement deals, sponsorships, live performances, investments, and more.

What investments does Blippi have?

Blippi has made wise investments in properties, luxury cars, tech stocks, and airline companies.

What type of properties does Blippi own?

Blippi stays in an expensive property in California. The magnificent property sits on 9,000 sq ft. and has 7 bedrooms, a game room, 9 bathrooms, fire places, three swimming pools, and Greek-styled interiors.

What social media platforms does Blippi use?

Blippi primarily uses YouTube (@Blippi) as his main platform, with 17 million subscribers. But he also has a presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram (@blippi) (682k subscribers), Facebook (Blippi 62k subscribers), and Twitter.

What sponsorship deals does Blippi have?

Blippi has sponsorship deals with various companies, including toy manufacturers and educational companies.

What are some of the career facts about Blippi?

  • Blippi has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube, which he started in 2014.
  • Before becoming Blippi, Stevin John was a US Air Force serviceman. 
  • Blippi has a line of merchandise that includes toys, clothing, and accessories.
  • In 2020, Blippi's franchise was purchased by Moonbug Entertainment, the company behind the Cocomelon brand.

What is the estimated growth of Blippi's net worth?

The estimated growth of Blippi’s net worth is as follows:

2023$75 million
2022$75 million
2021$59 million
2020$55 million
2019$48 million


Blippi, aka Stevin John, is the epitome of an entrepreneur who's turned his passion into a profitable empire. In 2014, he started creating educational videos for kids on YouTube, and quickly amassed a massive following thanks to his unique blend of entertainment and education. Fast forward to today, and Blippi has amassed over 10 billion views and boasts a subscriber count of over 20 million, making him one of the most popular children's entertainers on the platform.

But Blippi's not content with just dominating YouTube. He's also diversified his brand, creating a line of merchandise including clothing and toys, and even taking his show on the road with a live tour. He's a master at turning a hobby into a profitable business, and expanding it into different areas. 

Blippi's ability to connect with his audience and create content that both educates and entertains is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. He's a living reminder for all entrepreneurs out there to turn their passion into a profitable business and not be afraid to take risks and try new things.

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