"Is access to health care a basic human right?"


We must do all that we can to ensure that people have access to quality health care.

We should pay special attention to those who need it most but cannot afford it.

The worst way to guarantee health care is to do it by force.

The best way to do that is to encourage free trade.

Your right to free trade - including accessing health care from a consenting provider - is one of the most basic rights of a free society.

By respecting this right, we ensure quality access at the best possible price...

...because some providers naturally find innovative solutions to provide care for those at the bottom in ways that others cannot.

That is why quality is going up and costs are going down in areas that there is no interference...

Lasik surgery is getting cheaper. Cosmetic surgery is getting better. Organs can now be 3D printed. These are monumental achievements of free trade and entrepreneurship.

But more freedom is NOT the solution that we hear from the media or from politicians.

Politicians are NOT working to protect your rights.

They are taking away your rights by initiating force.

Instead of guaranteeing the right to have access to health care, we have forced people to have it.

Instead of encouraging insurance companies to come up with innovate solutions for those with pre-existing conditions, we have forced them to cover it.

Through force, we have given those at the top (the rich) guaranteed customers.

And due to new regulations, smaller and more nimbler providers are eliminated, which drives down competition and quality, and it drives up price.

You create higher profits for the few, and you oppress the poor, who need the most help.

As one of my private doctor friends expressed to me, "I love it, because all of my competition has gone out of business, and I can raise my prices because the government is the buyer."

There is a difference between health insurance and health care.

You can force insurance, but you cannot force care.

Only free trade can ensure both.

You have a right to health care. And that right will erode when it is turned over to government.

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