This week we leak one of the most popular talks at the recent Capitalism Conference.


Ezra Firestone gave us a ton of great strategies in his presentation that is packed with actionable takeaways. So we wanted to share it with you.


In particular, he advises that you spend 20-30% of your top line on marketing online to scale your brand quickly.


Facebook Messenger is particularly valuable for scaling up efficiently and cheaply in 2018. As Ezra tells us, text is the future of communication and marketing, so you have maybe one year to take advantage of the free access to this channel before Facebook begin to charge a premium for it.


Ezra breaks down the process of gaining Facebook subscribers using messenger bots and how to convert those subscribers into super profitable buyers, email subscribers, and more.


If you are a physical products business owner, you have to take action on this emerging channel before your competitors.


Key takeaways:

  • Three assets you should be generating for your Amazon brand
  • The window of opportunity in Facebook Messenger and how you can take advantage
  • Scale up with targeted marketing to expand your audience


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