Ed Mylett Net Worth: $400 Million

A charismatic businessman who has a huge fan following on social media in addition to his net worth, Ed Mylett is a true inspiration for athletes, businesspersons, and everyone. The person who dreamed of becoming the world’s top athlete is now a successful entrepreneur, businessperson, keynote speaker,and business coach. Ed Mylett's net-worth is currently around $400 million. Have a peek at his early life, career experiences, and life lessons to see what made Ed Mylett net worth $400 million.

Early Lifeed mylett age 10

Ed Mylett was born on 27 April 1971 in California. He grew up in Diamond Bar, CA. He lived with his parents and three younger sisters. Ed always looked up to his father, who was a hardworking engineer and a dedicated man. Ed called his father his best friend. However, his father was a heavy drinker. Ed waited for his father to come home from work while fearing what version of his father he would see.

There were days when his father went on fine. However, when the alcohol hit him hard, he could not retain his behavior. Ed, throughout his childhood, wished his father would stop drinking. He and his sisters suffered growing up in a dysfunctional family because of his alcoholic father. Ed saw that whenever he scored an A in his test, his father became delighted. He started studying hard, hoping his father would stop drinking.


Ed graduated from a high school in Diamond Bar. He then went to the University of Pacific in Stockton and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Ed has been very passionate about baseball. He balanced his studies with playing baseball for the NCAA Division 1 Pacific Tigers. He played baseball matches for Intercollegiate Athletics CA.

The Athletic Dream - Ended Before the Beginning

Ed decided from a young age that he would not work for someone else. He would take his shot and fulfill his dreams. Ed always owes his dedication and motivation to do hard work, to his father. His father was the first example of how to build success in life.

Ed Mylett was among the best players and the head of his team. He focused on his training and built strategies that made him hard to beat in baseball matches. He collected an array of baseball accolades including three All American Nominations and top ten rankings in five different categories.

Ed dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. He was very close to becoming a professional baseball player. However, in his early twenties, an unfortunate accident causing severe injury shattered his dreams. He nearly died, and after his recovery, he was unable to play baseball for the rest of his life.


Early Career

Ed went back to his parent’s house. He went fell into a depression and lost all hope in his life. He shut himself in his house and went on doing nothing. A year passed, and Ed remained unemployed. Luckily, his father started going to an alcoholic recovery group and became sober. He came to his son and told him that a guy in his group would give Ed a job. He asked him to go to McKinley.

Ed had no idea what McKinley was. He found out it was a campus housing several disadvantaged boys. The boys included orphans or those who suffered molestation, and now stay removed from their families. He became the youth counselor of those boys.

Coming from a dysfunctional family, Ed became eager to help underprivileged kids. Ed’s perspective of life changed after seeing those boys. He did not want to be an athlete, running after fame and recognition anymore. He worked for ten little boys between seven and ten years old and took great care of them.  Over time, he learned that they needed love and appreciation. He spent most of the days and all of the holidays including Christmas and Halloween with the boys in McKinley.

Ed needed money for working with the boys. This part is where he learned he could generate capital and help people that needed it. He went on to do small businesses and used the income to serve people, and that is how he got started in entrepreneurship. Ed worked part-time jobs for years as he did not want to leave the boys soon.

World Financial Group

In 1992, Ed joined the World Financial Group (WFG). WFG is a financial planning company. The company based in Duluth, Georgia, gave Ed Mylett a breakthrough in his career. Having excellent leadership ability and a great sense of capitalism, Mylett rose to higher positions in the company. Within a few years, he was among the company’s top marketing director. He later became the head marketing director Of World Financial Group.

Ed Mylett also served as the Senior Executive Vice Chairman of WFG. When Mylett puts his heart and mind into something, nothing is coming in his way of success. In 2009, he attained the top-level position of Director of Field Leadership.

ed mylett net worth

Pictured: A Twitter user's picture from a 2017 WFG event captioned "Elite dinner with WFG giant leader Ed Mylett. More families are experiencing a better life with WFG."

Mylett works to raise the production and development of future WFG leaders. He contributes to most of the current strategies of WFG. Mylett owes his initial career to WFG that made him earn seven figures by the time he was thirty. In this regard, he gained induction in the WFG Millionaire Hall of Fame. By the time he was forty, he had an eight-figure generating income.  Ed Mylett's net worth in the present is nine figures and around $400 million.

Ed Mylett and Social Media

Mylett has been among the wealthiest of entrepreneurs for a very long time. However, he did not want to gather everyone’s attention. He feared this would affect his private life. After all, Ed Mylett was living the life of his dreams.

One day he received a text from Tony Robbins, who is Mylett’s good friend. Tony told Mylett to step out of his comfort zone and make an impact. Ed was hesitant at first but Tony as persuasive as he can be told Ed that living his days of private life was over.

Mylett did not know much about social media and stayed away from it. He called his son, who helped him make his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram account. It was in 2017 when Ed Mylett came to social media, and within 11 months, he had made his mark. Ed has now over 550,000 followers on Instagram and 160,000 likes on his Facebook page. He has over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and around 73,000 followers on YouTube.

Mylett gained fame and recognition as a businessperson and transferred that to becoming a social media star. He uses his podcasts and YouTube videos to give inspirational life lessons and train future entrepreneurs. His interviews are not the standard ones. He talks with unique energy and makes you feel that he is in the room with you.

Ed interviews entrepreneurs and successful personalities in his videos and podcasts. Unlike other hosts, he does not interrupt his guests and wants his audience to benefit most from their stories.

Ed Mylett Business Coaching and Consulting

Ed Mylett focused his entire career on coaching and consulting. Mylett's net worth of over $400 million is also thanks to his business consultancy. His business coaching is helping hundreds of people and their businesses to generate over six-figure income. His popularity in social media has increased his coaching and consultancy services.

Ed understands how crucial proper business coaching is. The early years of his careers were very tough when he began making six-figures. His first coach was Frank Kern. Frank Kern helped Mylett come up with effective advertising strategies. Mylett followed the footsteps of Frank Kern and hit seven-figure annual sales within a few years.

Once Mylett reached the mark of making 2-4 million annually, he began his business coaching. He set bigger goals for his clients and made them achieve their business targets. He mentors people to become champions in every area of their life. Mylett focuses mainly on his client’s fitness, confidence, fears, leadership, goals, and money.

Max Outmax out

‘Max out’ is Ed Mylett’s philosophy he used to change lives. It means maxing yourself out in every opportunity available. Mylett maxed out everywhere, from social media platforms to podcasts and from coaching programs to live sessions and events. He uses #Maxout heavily on his social media accounts.

His book ‘Max Out with Ed Mylett’ came out in August 2018. Mylett, in his book, shared his experiences of how he maxed out in his life to reach where he is and helped others as well.

Personal Life and Interests


Ed Mylett was involved with Kristianna Mylett long before they got married. Both shared the same vision of not working for somebody else and building their paths to success. Kristianna was very supportive of every step and business he did. Ed and Kristianna Mylett got married on 2 August 1997. The couple remains happy and blissful at present with their two children.

Wealth, Interests, and Lifestyle

Ed Mylett owns three houses. One of them is his famous Laguna Beach House, where he loves taking a stroll in the mornings. Ed Mylett with a net worth of $400 million also has three jets and several exotic cars including Ferrari in his possessions.

He has other cool and grand things that can attract anyone to a business magnate. Mylett has all the luxuries and toys debt-free. He has no loans on any of his planes, cars, and houses. That is how we know that Ed Mylett is the real deal and not some regular businessperson and speaker who likes to flash his extravagant lifestyle.

Ed Mylett strongly believes in maintaining one’s physical and mental well being. Therefore, his routine also includes exercise, prayer, and meditation.  Mylett is an avid golfer. He visits his golf club every day to get a few hours of recreation.

Mylett also loves reading books. Some of his favorite books are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, and the Bible.

What Mylett Preaches?

Don’t Be Patient

Mylett asks young people not to stay patient. They should not pay heed to such advice as they are too young and remain patient if they are doing well in their career. Mylett wants young people to thrive at an early age.

Mylett was making six-figures in his twenties. He gradually increased to seven figures in his thirties and is now making nine-figures. Mylett says if he had listened to such advice, he would not be where he is now. It is necessary to start at an early age if you want to succeed and do something impactful in your life.

ed mylett net worth

Don’t Make Comparisons

Mylett has talked a lot about how to lead a happy life. He says that when you make comparisons of your present with your past, you tend to stay unhappy. You are facing stressful situations, so you will think of the time when you were not under stress. If you are not happy in a relationship, you will think of the past relationship you had before.

You should not do this. It does not mean that you stop thriving for the better. Make comparisons of your current situation in positive ways rather than letting you down. It is vital to remain content while you work to improve yourself.

Build Authentic Relationships with Your Employees

People say that you should not get too close to your employees. Mylett rejects that, saying that this is entirely wrong. It is essential to maintain a good relationship with your employees. The more you get to know them, the better you work with them. When you do not have meaningful relations with your team members, it is hard to discipline and delegate them. Mylett says that you should not become best friends with your employees, but it is your job to take care of them.

Create Process Goals

Ed Mylett explains that our brains do not understand long terms and broad goals. We still set long-term and general goals, like losing weight, making this much money, etc. Make process goals that are short, specific, and more achievable. Achieving your goals step by step makes it a lot easier.

You must know the right steps and plan them accordingly. If you want to make more money, identify what habits it will take you to achieve your goal. Creating process goals also helps you making firm deadlines and finishing them on time.

Summary of Ed Mylett Net Worth

Ed Mylett is not only among the world’s top entrepreneurs, he is an inspiration to everyone from businesspersons to athletes to young millennials. The recognition and fan following he received on social media are incomparable to what other entrepreneurs and businesspersons have built. He started with making six-figures in his twenties and is currently making a nine-figure income. Building wealth, achieving success, prosperity, and recognition helped to build Ed Mylett's net worth of over $400 million.