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Justin Dyson is the proud founder and owner of Kids N' Such, a physical products brand selling useful items for babies and their parents, such as nursing covers, bibs, and baby carriers. He runs the company entirely from the comfort of his own home.


Show Notes


Justin Dyson knows how to turn a failed launch into something really strong. Here’s how he did it:


Keep looking forward. After a trademark notice halted sales of a product, Justin decided to just have Amazon destroy the remaining units. He started from scratch, going back to the drawing board and pushing through.


He came up with new products that sold well and complemented each other. Instead of dwelling on the past, he looked to his talents and drive and went for it.


Focus on what works. Justin’s found that making more money can amplify pre-existing mistakes. When his business started taking off, he had more money to throw at advertising…


...which meant more money lost on failed advertising campaigns. He then honed back in on what worked well for him (PPC ads, making products that complement existing offerings) and made the business grow more that way.


Make products that solve problems. When Justin’s revenue started to flatten, he looked to what his competitors were saying about their products online, and the comments that their customers would post. That gave him a lot of great information to build products that worked for his audience.


Those products are things that solve your customers’ problems. It’s one thing to make something with nifty-sounding features, but if you want your physical products business to really take off, you need to make things that make people’s lives better in a tangible way.


Key takeaways:


  • Keep looking forward
  • Focus on what works, and
  • Make products that solve problems

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