Why should entrepreneurs carve out time to play fun games?  

Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Outsiders often wrongly assume that entrepreneurs are workaholics who wouldn't know a good time if it slapped them in the face. Sure, they work hard and constantly have their heads in the clouds, but the most successful entrepreneurs also know how to down a shot of Casamigos, hang with their buddies, and let loose.

After all, innovation without imagination is illogical.

What's the best way to let your imagination run amuck? Games.

Games stimulate the brain, boost problem-solving skills, and reduce stress. Shockingly enough, some games can even enhance your entrepreneurial talents. 

No matter your age or skill level, there are tons of fun and challenging games to help you prepare an upcoming sales pitch or product launch. From board games to online games to children's games, there's something for everyone. Let's examine the top entrepreneurial games for each category: 

Business-Boosting Board Games

Looking for some challenging and educational team-building activities? These board and card games are sure to be a hit: 

#1: Monopoly

What is the most fun game in the world? Many would argue it's Monopoly. Not only is it popular with kids, teens, and adults, but it's also a favorite among entrepreneurs. The goal? Buy properties around the board and collect rent until your opponents go bankrupt. If you manage to build hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place, you'll most likely walk away victorious.

Monopoly also has a reputation for taking an eternity to complete. The longest game on record lasted 70 days! And a winning strategy requires more than passing "Go" and collecting $200. Players must have good money management skills and a bit of luck. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to win a few beauty pageants along the way. 

#2: Cashflow

Generating a passive income is the best way out of the rat race. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, developed CASHFLOW to teach players the ins and outs of exiting the rat race for good. Players begin working a 9-to-5 job, and it's up to them to learn the investing and wealth-building tools necessary to escape.

During the game, players have various opportunities to build wealth through real estate, stocks, and companies. It teaches money management skills and demonstrates different methods for getting rich. Most importantly, it helps the player determine if they have a conservative mindset or enjoy taking risks. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, CASHFLOW teaches how to build a winning strategy.

CASHFLOW is a realistic version of Monopoly. And the name never gets boring. As with many fun games, there are plenty of "choose your own adventure" scenarios. The outcome depends on the decisions you make along the way and a bit of luck. Living with young entrepreneurs? CASHFLOW for Kids is the perfect option to help teach your child all about managing money. 

#3: What's Your Point?

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, affects 77% of the population. It's the top phobia in the world, with the fear of death coming in a close second. That's right—some would rather curl up and die than speak to a crowd. But playing a few rounds of What's Your Point? may be all you need to build up enough confidence for an upcoming presentation.

The point of the game is to improvise (or BS) your way to success. One team draws a set of creativity-boosting cards, and the other players provide a topic and theme. Without preparing in advance, players must present a convincing sales pitch. Whoever gives the best speech wins!

Think of What's Your Point? like a more intense, terrifying version of Shark Tank. When presenting to the sharks, you at least have some time to prepare your spiel. But in What's Your Point?, coming up with funny, innovative, and convincing speeches is the name of the game. As an entrepreneur, it will help improve your public speaking abilities and make you feel more in charge of any situation—no matter how off-the-wall it may seem. 

#4: SideHustle: The Party Game for Entrepreneurs

Want to lure in investors to help launch your brand? You better be able to deliver a killer pitch. SideHustle teaches players how to do just that. Players get a mere two minutes to pitch an idea to "investors" and answer any questions they may have. What's the catch? You have no idea what you're pitching or even the industry until the investor draws a card. And, of course, the cards are totally zany.

SideHustle is one of those fun games that's all about teamwork and brainstorming. It helps boost creative thinking, which, in turn, leads to innovation. Although the cards are crazy (um, Monkey Butter?), they make you think outside the box. And with a straight game-face, you'll need to sell your billion-dollar idea to the investors. The team with the most innovative pitches wins! Best of all, the game takes less than an hour to play. 

Venture-Valuating Video Games

Sometimes you just want to escape with a device and disappear into a video game. But before you open up Grand Theft Auto or Fortnite, consider one of these skill-building entrepreneurial games: 

#5:  AdVenture Capitalist

Remember running a lemonade stand as a kid? AdVenture Capitalist lets you transform that same lemonade stand into a money-making conglomerate. It's free to play, but players can also purchase virtual items with real money. You can download it for Android or iOS.

The game's storyline is a bit satyrical. Players build wealth by pushing a few buttons, and as you earn more money, you can launch other businesses. The lemonade stand turns into a newspaper route and then a car wash. When you finally master the game, you'll become a billionaire oil tycoon. While the campy gameplay doesn't follow a typical entrepreneur's journey, it does demonstrate how the sky is the limit in capitalism. 

#6: Sim Companies

Are there any fun games online for entrepreneurs specifically? Sim Companies is an online simulation game that allows players to launch and build a company. Every player begins with a small amount of capital. From there, they must follow the ever-changing free market to manage the supply chain, procure financing, and find business partners.

Sim Companies is probably the most life-like entrepreneurial game out there. It teaches lessons about teamwork, development, and leadership. A fluctuating free-market simulator helps players understand how to handle volatile market conditions. The game is ideal for skilled entrepreneurs and novices alike. Don't want to spend any money? Sim Companies is always free to play. 

Capitalist-Creating Children's Games

Children are entrepreneurs in training. And parents want to find exciting, educational toys to foster their child's love for learning. What are some fun games to play in the house? These kid-friendly entrepreneur games are sure to be a hit. 

#7: Betcha Can't!

Being able to one-up the competition is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs. And it also makes for a great, family-friendly game. Betcha Can't! is a game of wit designed by friends Tait Hansen and Lily Brown, who were both only 13 at the time. The game challenges players to bet and brag about how many things they "think" they know. What happens if you lose the bet? You end up in time out! It's a fun card game for ages 7 and up.

Both Tait and Lily have entrepreneurialism in their blood. Lily's father is also a game creator, but the girls didn't let him help develop their idea. As Tait told Entrepreneur, "When we'd hang out with each other, we'd try to make a lot of different businesses when we were younger, so I feel like our minds might have worked a little differently. We didn't really enjoy dressing up as princesses."

Betcha Can't! isn't just for kids. It's also a perfect team-building exercise for entrepreneurs. It makes you think fast and will keep you on your toes. Being able to outsmart your competition will help your brand rise to the top. It's no wonder this seemingly simple game won "Most Marketable Concept" at the 2018 Young Inventor Challenge. 

#8: The Entrepreneur Game

Elliott Eddie believes that schools barely teach kids how to survive. He's the creative mind behind The Entrepreneur Game, a board game dedicated to giving children the tools needed to start and grow their own businesses. As Elliott informed Black Enterprise, "We owe it to our children and all of our futures to make sure they know that they are capable of creating a successful business. To make sure our children know that they can take their skills, talents, and ideas to find a problem and solve it, to find a need and fill it, or to create a market and build it."

The Entrepreneur Game is the only STEM-accredited board game of its kind. Designed for ages 12 and up, it's a great way to introduce children to the world of business. Players learn how to launch and build a company. It focuses on all aspects of entrepreneurialism, including budgeting, investing, branding, negotiating, and marketing.

While there are tons of fun games for kids, very few teach all about building a brand and owning a business. The Entrepreneur Game fills the gap between public school and adulthood. It teaches important topics often overlooked by primary school curriculums. And the game does it in a way that's exciting for kids of all ages. 

Entrepreneurs Just Want to Have Fun

Building brands and solving problems is a typical day for the average entrepreneur. However, taking time to relax and have fun is essential. Playing games is not only a stress reliever. It's also a great way to reset your mind, recharge your imagination, and get your creative juices flowing.

As an entrepreneur, you determine your destiny. Whether you already have a brand or need some inspiration, we have plenty of free resources to get you started. And you can count on our community to root for you during every step.