Here at TurnKey Product Management, we feel it is very important to make sure your Amazon listings are fully optimized and converting at the highest rates possible. After managing hundreds of successful product launches, we have developed a comprehensive listing audit process to identify and address any issues holding your listings back.

This in-depth guide will walk through the key elements TurnKey analyzes in our audits and
provide actionable tips to get your listings up to speed. Whether launching a new product or looking to breathe new life into an existing listing, this checklist will set you on the right path to Amazon's success.

Main Image

Your main image is the very first thing customers see, so making a stellar first impression is crucial. Here are the factors we evaluate:

● Is the image high-quality and professionally shot? Amazon recommends at least
2000x2000 pixels.
● Does it feature a clean, consistent background free of distractions? Pure white works best.
● Is the product visible and the main focal point? Get up close to highlight key details.
● Is all branding and packaging shown? Customers want to see what they are getting.
● For bundled products, are all components pictured? Display the full scope.

In our experience at TurnKey, if your main image is cluttered, low-res, or fails to showcase the product, it could severely drag down conversion rates. Invest in a professional shoot or DIY with care to maximize conversions and of course sales.

Image Block

Beyond the main image, the image block helps customers visualize how your product fits into their lives. Be sure your image block has:

● Ample lifestyle images displaying your product in context? Show don't tell.
● Infographics calling out key features or parts? Visuals boost comprehension and
● Consistent image sizes and solid white backgrounds? Looks professional and
● Visual variety showcasing different angles and use cases? Reduce doubts and
Check that these additional images complement but don’t overly repeat your main image. Every picture should build the product stories and increase the confidence of the customers.


After the image, a customer’s eyes go straight to the title. Make sure yours checks all the
optimization boxes:

● Is the full character count being used? More keywords and details can raise your ranking on Amazon.
● Does your title highlight your most important keywords? Focus on the highest search
volume terms first putting them towards the front of the title.
● Is it written for customers, not just algorithms? Natural language converts better.
● Does the title emphasize key differentiators like size, material, and count? Help
customers make the proper decision quickly.
● Is your brand prominently mentioned? Build brand recognition and loyalty.

Our team at TurnKey also recommends you check how your title displays on mobile, where length is truncated. If it cuts off awkwardly, rewrite it to frontload your message.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are prime real estate for convincing customers your product is the best choice for their needs. At TurnKey we feel you should not only focus on the benefits and the keywords for the product but also let the customer know WHY they need to buy the product. We dive deep on:

● Are you using the full 500 characters per bullet point for the most impact? This is the
second most important place for keywords make sure you are using it!
● Do they emphasize the benefits and emotions of the product? Appeal to the why over
● Is each point a mini-story with keywords seamlessly integrated? Storytelling sells.
● Are your major differentiation factors covered? Remind customers why you stand out.
● Are your bullet points consistent across your product catalog? It needs to look consistent across the board so if your first bullet point is ingredients all of the first bullet points should be ingredients.

Remember, bullet points are valuable to search engine real estate as well. Pack them with
relevant keywords while keeping the messaging compelling.

A+ Content

For premium listings, A+ Content is the gold standard for convincing customers to buy.

For the A+ Content TurnKey follows the below questions:

● Do you have A+ Content active for the listing? The investment is well worth it and it has
been shown to increase conversions.
● Are you leveraging the image-heavy layout? Minimal text and maximum visuals make
the biggest impact.
● Do you prominently feature your differentiating factors? Remind customers what makes
you stand out.
● Is your brand story and messaging consistent? Strengthen your identity and positioning.
● Are you utilizing the comparison chart module? This head-to-head visual can seal the
● Do lifestyle images show your ideal customer? Helps them picture the end benefit.
● Is there any duplicated content from the listing body? A+ should supplement not

Polished, professional A+ Content can boost conversions by up to 15%, making it a prime
opportunity for listings not capitalizing yet.

Outside of the Amazon listing our team always recommends auditing your Amazon strategy which includes, Review Tactics, Amazon Tools, and of course PPC advertising to name a few.


The days of brushing off reviews are long gone. Customer feedback makes or breaks
purchasing decisions on Amazon, so staying on top of your ratings and comments is crucial.

● What is your overall rating? Anything below 4 stars is a red flag needing attention, you
need to push to always push to be 4 stars and above to maximize conversions.
● Do you have ample reviews for social proof? Shoot for a minimum of 50-100 if possible,
this is generally the best starting point and from there you can work to increase it to new
● Are you actively pushing to gain reviews? Prompt happy customers to share their
thoughts through strategies like Amazon Vine and Request a Review.
Proactively managing your reviews protects your brand reputation and provides the social validation buyers seek. Do not leave this crucial piece to chance.

Amazon Tools

Amazon has a ton of tools available for Brand Registered Sellers to use, our TurnKey team
pushes our clients to always use everything Amazon has to offer. With that, you should consider the following:

● Do you have a Brand Story? This is a newer application that allows you to tell your story
while also opening up the potential to participate in Premium A+ Content.

● Does your listing have video in the image block, storefront, and Premium A+ Content (if
applicable)? Bring your product to life in motion while also increasing your conversions.
● Is your product enrolled into Subscribe and Save if it is a repeat purchase product? If not reach out to Amazon ASAP to get enrolled.
● Are you using tools such as Customer Engagement, Brand Tailored Promotions, Creator
Connections, and Amazon Posts? If not these are worth looking into further to increase
your reach on Amazon.
When using the tools Amazon has to offer you are increasing your product and brand reach on Amazon.

PPC Advertising

Beyond optimizing your listings and additional strategies, don’t forget to capitalize on Amazon’s unparalleled reach with advertising and promotions.

● Are you running Amazon Sponsored Product Ads? Use auto-targeting to start and
branch out with manual targeting based on your research.
● Have you tried Sponsored Brand Ads? Attention-grabbing canvases above listings.
● Are you running Sponsored Display Ads? These are great for stealing traffic from your
competitors and getting them on your listing to purchase.

Advertising compounds the impact of dialed-in listings by expanding exposure. Coordinate initiatives for maximum effect.

The Final Analysis

That covers the core elements TurnKey Product Management uses to evaluate an Amazon
listing during an audit! While it may seem like a lot, each component works synergistically to lift conversion rates and sales. Invest time upfront getting your listing fundamentals squared away to maximize your Amazon ROI long-term.

We challenge you to conduct your audit on a top listing using this checklist. Identify any weak points in images, copy, reviews, or enhanced content. Then develop an action plan to address these areas, testing changes incrementally. With consistent fine-tuning guided by data, your listings will start converting better than ever.

The TurnKey Difference

While DIY efforts are great for initial tuning, our listing audits take optimization to the next level. Our team brings decades of combined Amazon selling experience across categories. We identify profit leaks, provide precise solutions, and oversee full implementation from product research to post-launch.

Ready to unlock the full revenue potential hidden in your Amazon listings? Contact us today for a free audit and roadmap consultation. With TurnKey as your guide, your listings will start driving transformative growth.