Feeling overwhelmed? It's a common sentiment among Amazon sellers who know they need to be utilizing their traffic sources but don’t know where to start. With increasing competition and a vast pool of opportunities on the platform, succeeding on Amazon requires intention and expertise. At TurnKey Product Management, we help our clients achieve massive success by implementing what we call The Amazon Bullseye Traffic System. And guess what? You can start implementing it today!

Thinking outside the box when it comes to external marketing strategies is not only smart but also aligns with recent changes to Amazon's A10 Algorithm. These changes reward sellers for driving traffic from outside of Amazon to their listings. It's a win-win situation as it can lead to sales for you and get customers shopping on Amazon.

Here is our Amazon Bullseye Traffic System: On the outside of the circle you will see traffic examples such as Amazon PPC ads, Amazon DSP, and so on. The idea is you should list all traffic options that you have at your disposal to start this process.

From there, it's time to narrow it down and gain focus on your perfect traffic system. Choose your top five external traffic sources from the list you've been considering, such as social media ads, Google ads, email lists, SEO organic rankings, traditional PR, Amazon ads, Amazon DSP, and more. Following the "Traction" book's bullseye approach, move these choices from the outer ring to the inner ring. For those initial strategies that you chose, test those traffic channels to see which get you the best results. Take the top 2-3 strategies that got the best results and move them to the center rings where you then allocate more time and resources to scaling those strategies.

When deciding on strategies consider low-hanging fruit tactics for acquiring new customers or buzzworthy options. Leverage the assets you already have in a more intentional way. Focus solely on these selected strategies in the short term, allowing your energy to be fully dedicated to them. Once you have mastered those three critical strategies you can then start to grab more strategies from your list on the outer ring.

When presenting the traffic bullseye model the common pushback we get is clients do not want to use external efforts for Amazon, here are a few reasons why you should consider using external efforts:

  • Amazon Algorithm rewards brands for sending external efforts, with ranking and now through Brand Referral Bonus
  • Jumpstart your Amazon sales with your known audiences, it is true that Amazon has its own customers which is the appeal to joining the platform but using your audience to get the ball rolling is important because it starts you off with stronger conversions
  • Additionally, you can use audiences that may be slower and revive them by giving them Amazon as an option

While there's no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, some critical elements contribute to Amazon success. The first would be Amazon PPC. How proficient are you in managing your PPC campaigns? Do you know your conversion rates? For PPC you want to make sure you are doing the following:

  • Using all ad types available (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brand)
  • A consistent optimization schedule and rules
  • A clear set of goals (ACOS, TACOS, ROAS, and ad spend)

Alongside PPC, consider testing Amazon DSP as another highly recommended traffic channel. Amazon DSP leverages audience-based targeting to get you new Amazon customers. It’s particularly beneficial for repeat purchase products where re-targeting customers ready to repurchase is essential. DSP allows you to target various segments, including customers who never purchased, past purchasers ready to restock, and even your competitor's past purchasers and listing visitors. While running DSP ads directly through Amazon may have a high budget threshold, we offer DSP management for our clients with budget options starting as low as $1k-$5k/month. The results we've witnessed, especially for repeat purchase clients like supplements, have been remarkable.

If you’ve never tested Amazon DSP ads before, we highly recommend talking to an agency like TurnKey about running a test campaign with a low budget.

For each traffic channel you've selected, create a short and specific action plan. Establish a daily PPC checklist, sign up for a call to explore DSP options, or create a content calendar for your email list. You can take action today! Delaying critical changes to your Amazon approach only hinders your growth. As a business owner, you surely don't want to slow down sales. Let's make this year the one where you crush it on Amazon.

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