Ryan was stoked to talk to Zach Lee, his first student who ever came to one of his paid-for workshops. A father of young children, Zach’s found a way to be there for his family while also reaching 7-figure success. Here’s how he does it:


Find A Good Idea, Then Hone In On It

Zach likes to build businesses from scratch, scale them to 7-figures, and then start another one. He’s managed to build several brands with dozens of products that way.


With the limited time he has available, Zach figures out a good product idea for the marketplace, sets a team to implement it for him, and then oversees the process. By focusing on one idea at a time, he’s effective and efficient when at work.

Put A Premium On Your Business Time

If you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when you get to work, you’re going to be wasting your time. Zach’s become really good at delegating tasks to his team and contractors, and dedicating his own time to take direct action with his businesses. He doesn’t lose a minute.

Put A Premium On Your Family Time

As a parent of young children, once you step away from your desk, you step right into your “second job”: being there for your family. You need to devote attention to your rugrats, especially during their high-demand early years.


And you shouldn’t want it any other way. As Zach knows, now is the time when they’ll want to hang out with you the most. These years are short and you need to spend the time on them they deserve. Doing so will make you a better parent and a better entrepreneur (since you won’t be clouded with guilt about not being there for the little ones when you go back to the office).


It was awesome hearing from Zach!


Key takeaways:

  • Find a good idea, then hone in on it
  • Put a premium on your business time, and
  • Put a premium on your family time


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