Today on Freedom Fast Lane TV we're going to talk about healthcare.

Somebody's going to get offended.

We'll look at predictions for the upcoming baseball season.

We're taking questions live from Facebook and we'll look at a seven figure fitness line.

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So, hey, Facebook, do you want the opening monologue to be about healthcare or about baseball?

What do I think of the GOP healthcare bill?

I think it sucks!

So let's talk about baseball instead.

Actually, look — I think we all agree that we want people to have access to affordable healthcare.

I happen to think that the worst way to do that is by making insurance companies have guaranteed buyers by forcing people to have health insurance.

That's crony capitalism.

While we sit here and we decry the gap between the rich and the poor, we only make that worse if we empower big insurance companies to control the experience while forcing small insurers out of business.

I am against any government involvement in healthcare.

I think the whole debate about how much is a misnomer and that we need to get the government out and that's how we'll ensure the people who need healthcare the most will have access to it.


Rather than start a big debate, as if we already didn't just do it, let's talk about baseball.

It's baseball season! We made it! We made it through winter! We got through it.

Ah, you know what I do during the winter? I stare outside my window and I wait for baseball season.

That's what I do when it is not baseball season. So, I'm all geared up.

The Indians are predicted to win the World Series. I love my Cleveland Indians more than anybody.

I think that they are going to struggle because they don't have the depth that they did last year.

I am calling for a Red Sox - Nationals World Series with the Nationals edging out the Red Sox. I, of course, hope that I am wrong and that the people who do this full time, who are predicting the Indians to win, are right.

But I just happen to think that it's going to be the Nationals and the Red Sox this year.

I got the Cubs right last year and people thought I was crazy.

My goal and my dream, of course, is to own the Cleveland Indians. I will do that by building businesses and investing the profits into other cash flowing assets.

It's what we focus on here at Freedom Fast Lane TV.


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