Here are some words that people typically associate with millennials:

Lazy, Entitled, Sheltered, and Self-Centered.

The view of millennials is bleak.

Yet, I’m incredibly optimistic about my generation! Yes, you heard that correctly.

I’m here to tell you why millennials make up the most entrepreneurial generation today.

It’s true that there are many young people who fit the negative stereotypes of the millennial generation. But as a whole, millennials are incredibly creative, innovate, and tech-savvy.

We are the true entrepreneur generation.

Growing up, millennials have seen the chaos, distrust of management, breaking of contracts, and bad news that comes with working for big businesses.

We’ve watched our relatives get laid off and their peers sit in cubicles. We watched all of this and thought, “There must be a better way.”

A recent survey from Bentley University shows that only 13 percent of millennials have career goals that involve climbing a corporate ladder. By contrast, almost two-thirds said their career goals involve starting a small business.

Our experiences have caused us to develop an entrepreneurial itch. We want to do better for ourselves. And we’ve grown up watching the successes of Steve Jobs lead the evolution of the Apple brand, Mark Zuckerberg create a social media sensation and even younger innovators break new ground. We saw entrepreneurs, not corporate titans, as the rock stars.

We’re inspired to create our own paths -- the reason that so many of us haven’t is that it can be incredibly expensive and difficult to start a business.

Thanks to over-regulation, technological innovations typically require an army of attorneys just to get your company up-and-running. Even starting a business as small and simple as an at-home hair salon requires thousands of dollars worth of licensing and legal fees.

Is it any wonder so many millennials can’t afford to be entrepreneurs?

Rather than following our entrepreneurial dreams, many of us are unemployed or still living with mom and dad. The government simply makes it too hard.

We hope that President Trump will do good on his promise to ease regulation and taxation on America’s small businesses.

Simplifying the process for creating a business will allow the full power of my generation to be unlocked.

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