Will Clarke of Poo~Pourri - a company making essential oil sprays to neutralize bathroom odors - gave the best speech you may ever hear about taking a dump... and how 1 video can lead to millions of sales.

Show Notes Hire polymaths

Hire people who are superb at more than one thing. You’ll have a really strong and well-rounded team that can produce excellence, as they understand how to achieve excellence in more than one area.

Empathize with your customers

Poo~Pourri relies a lot on humor to hit success with its ads. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sensitive to its customers who have serious health conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome. The company adapts its messaging appropriately so it can make those respectful, lasting connections.

Do epic shit

Don’t sell an okay product, or a minimally viable prototype. Make something that solves a problem in a unique way (like covering up embarrassing smells from bowel movements when others are in the same residence/building) and hone in on that awesomeness in your marketing.


It was incredible hearing Will talk at CapCon!


Key takeaways:

  • Hire a team of people who are great at lots of things
  • Rely on empathy in your messaging, and
  • Aim for excellence, not mediocrity


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