Mike Zagare is one of the world's leading expert's on maximizing traffic to Amazon product pages. Show Notes

A former physical therapist, Mike went all-in on pet products on Amazon and hit it big using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here’s some of what Mike had to say about kickstarting success through marketing:

Go big under one tent

Mike reached his success by focusing on one niche area - pet products. He started with just a few items under one brand name, and expanded to over 40 products under that brand. This lets him get the most out of his marketing spend, since driving traffic to one brand means driving traffic to all his products.

Take your marketing spend seriously

If you're going to drop money into PPC advertising, do it right! Draft awesome ad copy. Craft great graphics. Make it have the best impact possible right out of the gate.

Target the right platforms

Facebook is great for building an audience. It’s not so great for direct response for Amazon products. Make sure that your PPC ads focus on the right venues for the market reaction you want.


It was great listening to Mike!


Key takeaways:

  • Optimize your spend with products under one brand
  • Craft excellent PPC ads, and
  • Put those ads in front of the right audiences


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