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Making millions without a big team seems, at first blush, rather daunting. How is it possible to make that happen?

As Elaine Pofeldt has found, it’s more common than you think. In fact, you can do it without hiring a single employee.

Before embarking on something like this, you need to make sure you start with your desired lifestyle in mind. A business is a means to an end. If you make the business itself your reason for being alive, you expose yourself to substantial psychological risk down the road (such as if you discover you hate the work or find yourself reflecting on missed opportunities to do other enjoyable things).

Then look to entering a field of commerce that interests you. You’ll find yourself enjoying the work that much more.

Let’s say you like traveling and enjoy writing. You could build up a business as a marketing consultant, traveling around the world, with your “office” being any computer with Internet access. Now you know what the “seeds” are for your zero-employee business.

Once you’ve planted the seeds, you can scale up more easily than ever before, as you can reach a global market through the Internet. You don’t have to do it alone, though. It’s easier than ever to find non-employee help, harnessing online freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, or, if you have a physical headquarters, hire a contractor to do some tasks while you’re traveling.

Your business does not need a complex human resources system to be successful. You can keep it small while scaling to big profits!

Key takeaways:

  • You don’t need employees to reach a million dollars
  • There is less friction than ever before in building a business
  • Why your next business is immensely valuable to society

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