Many high achievers get caught up in this idea of “living the dream”—living in a tropical paradise, running a business off of a laptop, working solo.

Then reality hits.

It hit Jeremy Sherk hard. He was living this exact scenario in Thailand in 2012 when he realized that his idea that he would simply “sail off into the sunset” was naive.

There were two aspects of that realization:

1. He wasn’t passionate about the business he was running. 2. He was alone.

That led to a Skype call in 2013 with his future business partner, Kevin Pasco. And thus began the journey to create their company, Nested Naturals.

In this breakout session from the 2017 Capitalism Conference, Jeremy and Kevin share their journey creating a business they actually care about, scaling up to a team of 15 people who they consider family.

They’ve created an amazing culture and team after doing the solopreneur thing off of their laptops. Listen to this episode to learn how.

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