How does one execute to realize a dream? Set ambitious goals and reverse-engineer them.

On this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, host Ryan Moran brings on guests Guy and Ilan of Satori Prime. These two individuals bring in their unique guidance on reaching goals not only pertinent to one’s professional life, but also to one’s personal life such as health and fitness aspirations.

People set goals every year without addressing the year’s previous, and that’s a problem according to Guy and Ilan. Right after the New Year, individuals set the same or similar goals for themselves without inspecting why it is they are unfulfilled. The first step to achieving true success, as the guys outline in the full podcast, is to fully inspect last year before one outlines their new year goals.

Step #1: How do you feel about last year’s goals?

The guys at Satori Prime say it is critical to understand that you may not feel happy and that addressing goals unveils one’s personal and professional challenges. It’s okay to experience that since it’s part of the learning experience.

Step #2: Know it’s all a game.

In order to move forward in reaching your goals, you need to make it fun. Strip yourself of the heavy significance and create an enjoyable experience.

Step #3: Think like a coach (or get one).

According to Guy and Ilan, you need to ask yourself what was missing, and how you can improve.

After one takes the three step process in analyzing their failed last year's goals, they can set the groundwork for their new year ones. There are two critical aspects of setting successful goals: known your purpose and think big.

In the full podcast, Guy and Ilan outline that people often write goals for love, acceptance, and appreciation. However, according to them, people should not look for this from an outside sources but should rather do it for themselves. You automatically disadvantage yourself if your goals are for others and not your own personal needs.

Moreover, if you set small goals you’ll never achieve the success you want. According to Guy and Ilan, the bigger the goals you set the more likely you are to achieve them. As they explain in the podcast, when someone sets goals that are their bigger than their life experiences, their brain becomes more creative and looks for solutions. Part of this is reverse engineering one’s goals in order to take them step-by-step.

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