The best investments a business person can make are ones that reflect the individual’s level of sophistication, according to Matthew Paulson.

Paulson, an entrepreneur, investor and web developer, joined the Freedom Fast Lane podcast this week to talk about investment strategies.

When people blindly jump into investment programs that they themselves don’t understand, it may not be worth their money. It’s better for individuals to research their investments, properly vet them, and make sure that they understand what they’re getting into.

Throughout the podcast, Paulson provides some tips and tricks about properly investing money into different savings accounts and stocks. His first tip: immediately invest in a Roth IRA.

After the age of 59.5, individuals can withdraw their savings tax-free. These individual retirement savings accounts are the best of their kind in America, according to Paulson.

If you’re an employer with no full-time employees, invest in a Solo 401(k). These savings accounts only cover employers and their spouses, and according to Paulson, are therefore perfect for self-employed individuals.

Another great investment to make is in a health savings account (HSA). These accounts essentially operate as a reimbursement for medical costs with tax-deductible savings. HSAs are often applicable only to specific kinds of insurance policies.

However, Paulson outlines the triple tax benefit of HSAs in the podcast. Not only are contributions to HSAs tax deductible, but the account’s growth is tax-free, and money spent from the savings on medical fees is tax-free as well. According to Paulson, this triple tax benefit makes HSAs a lucrative investment.

Paulson didn’t only suggest great ways to invest, he also outlined what to not invest in. One of his biggest suggestions is to stay away from investing in gold, silver, or other commodities.

According to Paulson, if an individual is concerned about the potential collapse of the economy and the dollar, it’s best to invest in a short supply of food, water, and guns to protect themselves than it is gold or silver.

He believes that gold and silver won’t do much for individuals in an apocalyptic environment.

In this week’s Freedom Fast Lane podcast, investor Matthew Paulson dives into the do’s and don’ts of retirement and health savings, stock trading, and more. Listen to the full podcast to learn from the expert himself.

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