Today's guest is Joe Stampone, an expert in real estate investments, a partner at Atlas Real Estate Partners here in New York City, and the original student of the real estate game.

In this interview, Joe and I go deep into why real estate should not be considered a passive investment, the only way we know how to make it passive and why investing in apartments beats investing in single family homes every time.

Atlas Real Estate Partners invest in middle market real estate across various product types, asset classes, and investment strategies. As the VP investment, the title when working for a small boutique firm is often times misleading.

It's a position where you do a little bit of everything. Joe's role in particular involves in part asset management, part acquisitions, and part investor relations, and then in part admin and everything else that's part of helping the company kind of grow and scale.

The company is hyper focused on the middle market space, which they define as assets in the $10 million to $30 million range from a total capitalization basis.

That sector in particular is highly fragmented, and often times there's less competition within that space.

The deals that fall within that space are often too large for a lot of the local mom-and-pop owners in each sub-market, often times too small to be institutional investors who are managing large sums of money, and have to put out capital in large chunks to kind of fit their investment targets.

By bringing an institutional mindset, and approach to that middle market space, the firm can achieve out sized returns for its investors.

In This Episode:

• Joe Stampone's start in real estate from his college days
• The sorts of assets he's investing in and where they're located
• Working with local ownership in partnership with Atlas
• Examples of Joe's investments across asset classes
• Joe's explanation of a cap rate
• Evaluating the desirability of a neighborhood over 10 years
• Why you shouldn't look at your personal residence as an investment
• The difference between investing in a rental property on your own and doing it through an asset manager
• What the role of an asset manager really is

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