Ryan was delighted to have the chance to ask superstar entrepreneur Kimbal Musk a bunch of questions at the Capitalism Conference. He had a lot of interesting insights to offer, which you can implement in your business right now. Here are some of the main points:


Chase your passion

Food’s always been one of Kimbal’s passions. He’s turned that into a massively successful career as a social entrepreneur: growing, cooking, and selling real, healthy food to an increasingly overweight America. You can also find what really drives you, and use that to make decisions on the types of products and services you want to sell.

Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you

If you want to make something new to sell to the public, a lot of people might think you’re nuts. That could make you lose confidence and stop you in your tracks, but don’t let it. Kimbal’s encountered a number of “crazy” business ideas, but he doesn’t dismiss them on that basis alone.


The Information Age will affect everything

The interconnectedness created by technologies like the Internet has already made dramatic changes in how we live our lives. Kimbal sees those technologies as continuing to impact every industry in the years to come.


It was awesome talking with Kimbal Musk about his views on entrepreneurship!


Key takeaways:

  • Chase your passion
  • Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you, and
  • The Information Age will affect everything

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