Greedy people are not at the heart of the capitalistic system. People who want to make a difference are. But that’s not what you hear from the liberal and mainstream media most of the time. Today’s guest is an author who’s written about the subject and is a contributor to the “Red Eye” segment on Fox News as well. Matt Palumbo speaks to me on this episode about the power of capitalism to change the culture and the world, why greed is not at the heart of the capitalistic system, and what we can do to help kids who are surrounded by liberal instruction catch the vision for what capitalism can do.

Being in favor of capitalism doesn’t mean you are greedy.

You’ll hear it again and again in the conversations around the water cooler. People who run corporations and big companies are greedy. No doubt, there are plenty of people who are at the top of the economic food chain who are indeed greedy. But that’s not what fuels most business owners today. The desire to make a difference through a business enterprise is much more common than a "greed" motivation and today’s guest, Matt Palumbo, shares how he became interested in these issues and what’s he’s doing to create an environment where discourse about these issues can happen.

What might happen if we could have honest, clear conversations about political and economic issues?

That’s one of the questions behind the creation of Unbiased America, a movement Matt Palumbo and his co-founders have begun to encourage dialogue from both sides of the issues that face our nation. They want everyone to be able to hear the arguments from both sides of the aisle and believe that when that happens, truth will win out because the strongest arguments win. You can learn more about Unbiased America including how you can get involved in the discussion, on this episode.

Why people who want to make a difference need to learn how to network.

Matt Palumbo, my guest on this episode of Be The Change, is convinced that many people who have an idea that could change the world never do so because they don’t know how to effectively network. They don’t know and don’t know how to contact the people who would take great interest in their ideas and have the resources to promote them. For that reason, he believes that everyone needs to learn how to make the contacts with influential and connected people that can help move their ideas forward. You can hear how Matt has learned those skills himself, on this episode.

Just teach them that making money is cool, not greedy.

When I asked my guest, Matt Palumbo, what we can do to teach kids in high school and college that they can make a difference through capitalism, he had a very clear answer. “Teach them that making money is cool, not greedy.” I totally agree but realize that the “how” part of his approach is the hardest part. Matt has co-founded a community in which political and economic ideas can be freely and openly discussed so that more and more people - kids included - can have the opportunity to hear both sides of the issues. You can find out more about what Matt is doing through Unbiased America, on this episode of Be The Change.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:28] My introduction of this episode with my guest, Matt Palumbo.
  • [2:40] How can we get kids interested in capitalism when they are surrounded by opposing views in school all the time?
  • [5:41] How Matt wrote his first book while he was in high school.
  • [8:49] The biggest hurdles Matt hit when writing his books.
  • [9:49] What is the Unbiased America movement?
  • [12:10] The balance between championing a cause and making a living.
  • [13:18] The art and importance of networking.
  • [16:00] The barrier regulatory burdens can be to business.
  • [17:25] Matt’s advice to anyone who is interested in being an entrepreneur.
  • [18:40] How do we teach kids that making money is cool, not greedy.

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