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What is Master P's Net Worth?

With an estimated net worth of $200 million, Master P is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. The rap mogul, entrepreneur, and film producer has earned his fortune through numerous business ventures and investments.

Besides earning money from music sales, he's also made a name for himself as an investor, owning various successful businesses and real estate holdings. He has starred in several movies and television shows, including I Got the Hook-Up.

Who is Master P?

Master P is a revolutionary figure in the hip-hop world. Born Percy Robert Miller Sr., Master P has achieved remarkable success as a rapper, record producer, record executive, actor, and entrepreneur.

No Limit Records is his best-known label, which he founded in 1989 and released multiple platinum albums. Master P has also produced and directed several films, including Foolish and I Got the Hook-Up .

More than just his professional endeavors, Master P is a devoted family man. He married his wife Sonya C in 1989 and has four children: Romeo Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Mercy Miller, and Veno Miller.

He also has several siblings who have succeeded in their own right, including brother Kevin Miller and brothers Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder.

What are the sources of income of Master P?

Want to know how Master P made his millions? Here are the income sources for this incredible rapper, entrepreneur, and investor.

Music: Royalties and Sales

As one of the pioneers of rap music, Master P has been able to reap generous rewards from his craft. He has sold over 70 million albums and made millions in royalties on each album. Additionally, he has earned significant sums from writing and performing songs.


The enterprising Master P is also the founder and CEO of No Limit Records, one of history's most successful hip-hop labels. He owns several other businesses, including real estate and film production companies.


Master P has also invested in No Limit Clothing and Big Poppa Burgers. He is also a savvy real estate investor, having acquired property around the US.


The talented rapper has starred in several movies and television shows, earning him millions. He is also the executive producer for several films.

Endorsement deals

Master P has had lucrative endorsement deals with various product lines, including sneakers, clothing, and energy drinks.


In addition to his music career, Master P has also enjoyed success as an actor. He has starred in several films and television shows, earning him significant sums.


Master P is the proud owner of several fitness centers across the United States. Each gym offers memberships for exercise classes and fitness equipment rental, generating substantial income for the rapper.

Clothing line

No Limit Clothing is a clothing line owned and operated by Master P. It specializes in hip-hop apparel and streetwear, making it popular with younger generations. The brand has expanded to include children's clothing and accessories, allowing the rapper to tap into a new demographic.


No Limit Records also produces merchandise for its fans, including hats, T-shirts, and other accessories with the No Limit logo.

Social media platforms:

Master P is active on various social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. His social media presence has allowed him to earn income through advertising and sponsorships.

Rap store

The Master P rap store is an online shop selling merchandise inspired by the rapper. It has become a popular destination for fans of his music and style.

Master P's Cookies

As a brand owned by the rapper, Master P's Cookies focuses on healthy snacks and treats. The company has partnered with major retailers to produce its product line, resulting in another income stream for Master P.

Beer brewing

In collaboration with Budweiser, Master P has also ventured into beer brewing. He produces a special beer for the 'No Limit Beer' rap label. This has proved to be highly lucrative for him.

Furthermore, Master P also appears to be a savvy investor with his investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

He is a shining example that hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit can lead to financial freedom.


What is Master P's Net Worth?

Approximately $200 million is estimated to be Master P's net worth .

How did Master P achieve financial freedom?

Master P achieved financial freedom by leveraging his success as a rapper and entrepreneur to build an empire. He earned significant sums from music royalties and sales, businesses, investments, films, endorsement deals, acting, gym memberships, clothing line, merchandise sales, and more. He also wisely invests in stocks and cryptocurrencies.

What career milestones did Master P reach?

Among his achievements, Master P has had numerous hit singles, founded a successful record label, starred in films and television shows, co-owns several businesses, owns gyms and merchandise stores, produces an energy drink line, and has created his clothing line.

What other business ventures has Master P been involved with?

In addition to music, Master P owns several other businesses, including a real estate company and a film production company. He also owns fitness centers, a clothing line, and a merchandise store. He also has investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies.

How did Master P begin his rap career?

With his debut album Get Away Clean on In-A-Minute, Master P began his rap career with the music rap group TRU, consisting of his two brothers, Corey Miller and Vyshonn Miller. There were several hit singles off the album, all of which were received well by critics, setting him on the path to fame.

What is Master P's full name?

Percy Robert Miller, an American rapper, businessman, and actor, is better known by his stage name, Master P.

What inspired Master P to become a successful entertainer?

The inspiration for Master P's success came from a tragedy. His brother Kevin Miller was killed in New Orleans, prompting P to make something of himself. He poured everything into his rap career and quickly rose to fame. This event motivated him to save his two brothers, son, and himself.

How did Master P use his wealth to benefit others?

Among his philanthropic activities, Master P has established and supported various charities such as Team Hope and Let The Kids Grow Foundation. Through these initiatives, he has helped empower at-risk youth by teaching them the importance of education and dreaming big.

He has also donated to charitable organizations, including Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Food on Foot, and It's Time Kids.

What is Master P's mindset towards money?

Master P believes money should be used to help people, not just buy things. He has used his wealth to positively impact the lives of those around him and help them achieve financial freedom.

How did Master P leverage his success to build an empire?

Master P has earned significant sums from music royalties and sales, businesses, investments, films, endorsement deals, acting, gym memberships, clothing line, and merchandise sales.

What advice would Master P give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Master P's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that they have to be willing to start at the bottom and work hard. He stresses the importance of not cheating your way into anything and avoiding excuses. He also believes it is essential to learn from losses to succeed. Finally, Master P encourages people to take risks and think outside the box.

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