Medical marijuana is big business.

Or at least it’s going to be. Think back to what happened to the alcohol industry once prohibition was lifted.

Many companies sprang up overnight and the financial boom it was for smart investors was unheard of.

The medical marijuana industry is poised to present a similar opportunity - only this time it offers an additional bonus - the use of cannabis as medicine is truly helping people (unlike alcohol).

On this episode, Jonathan Twombly chats with Asher Troppe of Tress Capital about the opportunities that exist now and others that are coming as cannabis is becoming legal across the United States and even the world.

Isn’t it just pot? Or is there really such a thing as medical marijuana?

It’s easy to be skeptical about something that has come on the scene as quickly as the legalization of marijuana has. And with recreational use being pushed forward right alongside the medicinal uses it’s no wonder the average American is slow to accept the idea.

But research and actual case studies are showing significant medical uses for marijuana that can’t be denied and those who are interested in investing in things that truly help others have an opportunity to both help and profit financially at the same time. This episode unpacks the legal and medical issues and paints a great picture of the opportunities that exist for savvy investors.

Many medicinal cannabis related companies are already thriving.

Every state in the United States has its own laws and guidelines for the use and production of medicinal cannabis, but it’s only a matter of time before common standards are created and enforced regarding the potency and use of it as medicine.

The State of California has already passed a law that will soon require laboratory verification of the potency of medicinal marijuana. There are already companies that conduct lab testing to determine THC levels in medicinal cannabis - and they only serve about five percent of the medicinal market at this time. What’s going to happen when the regulations go into effect? Those companies will boom.

The good news is, your investments could too. Find out more on this episode of Capital Gains.

Tress Capital exclusively invests in medicinal marijuana based companies.

It stands to reason that as regulation and law begin to legitimize the use of marijuana as a medicine that investment companies will step in to provide funding for the cannabis related companies out there and opportunities for investors.

Tress Capital is one of those investment companies and on this episode you’ll get to hear from co-founder Asher Troppe about how Tress Capital is carefully positioning itself as one of the leading investment firms in the industry - and doing so from the standpoint of credibility and trust. It’s a great and revealing conversation.

Where is the cannabis industry headed in the next 5 years?

It’s impossible for anyone to predict exactly what will happen in any industry. Investment forecasters have proven that to be true over the years. But all signs point to rapid and continued growth for the cannabis industry for the foreseeable future.

With legalization spreading across the U.S. and more effective regulations coming into place each year, the need for companies and capital in the industry are going to become more and more in demand. Find out how you can get in on this growing industry at almost the ground floor, on this episode of Capital Gains.

Outline of This Episode:

  • [1:52] Who is Asher Troppe?
  • [3:01] The legal issue currently surrounding cannabis use.
  • [3:34] Comparing legal usage numbers to medical usage numbers.
  • [5:07] How cannabis is being used medicinally these days.
  • [9:15] How are cannabis dosages regulated when used medicinally?
  • [11:38] Where is the marijuana sourced for medicinal products?
  • [15:11] The state of the U.S. banking industry as it relates to cannabis financing.
  • [19:52] Asher’s background and how he got into this field.
  • [27:01] How you can personally research this issue.
  • [28:08] What Tress Capital is investing in.
  • [39:15] How Tress Capital is institutionalizing their approach.
  • [43:49] Asher’s view of where the cannabis industry is going in the next 5 years.
  • [48:08] What’s on the horizon for Tress Capital?
  • [49:45] Advice for those wanting to invest with a capital group like Tress Capital.
  • [51:29] How a company in the cannabis industry should approach Tress Capital.

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