The first black woman to be featured on the cover of Forbes 30 under 30 in the class of 2023, a grammy award winner, and a best-in-class female rapper.

No truer adjectives to describe Megan Thee Stallion. She  rose to fame because of her several hit singles, such as “Hot Girl Summer,” “Savage,” and “Body.”

She is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer. So, what’s her net worth? And how did she build a successful career?

In this article, you’ll learn about Megan Thee Stallion’s net worth, her career, and her income sources

What is Megan Thee Stallion's net worth?

Megan Thee Stallion's net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Who is Megan Thee Stallion?

Megan Thee Stallion’s full name is Jovon Ruth Pete. She was born on February 15, 1995, and her mother, Holly Thomas, immediately moved to Houston after her birth.

She started writing raps at the age of 14. Her mother suggested that she wait until the age of 21 before pursuing a career in the rapping industry.

She adopted the stage name Megan Thee Stallion because she was called a “stallion” in adolescence due to her height (5 ft 10 in (178 cm)) and thick body frame.

Megan attended Pearland High School and graduated in 2013. She was also a student at Prairie View A&M University.

In 2021, she furthered her studies at Texas Southern University, graduating on December 11, 2021, with a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.

She first garnered attention when videos of her freestyling became popular on social media platforms such as Instagram. Megan has a little over 30 million followers on Instagram.

She refers to her fans as hotties, and she has a great fan base that supports her consistently.

What are the sources of Megan Thee Stallion's income?

  1. Music career
  2. Merchandise sales
  3. Appearances
  4. Endorsement deals
  5. Song royalties
  6. Tours
  7. Music videos
  8. Social media presence
  9. Merch
  10. Streaming royalties


What is Megan Thee Stallion's net worth?

Megan Thee Stallion's net worth is estimated to be $8 million

How did Megan Thee Stallion become famous?

She became famous by releasing her freestyles on social media platforms. One day, a clip of her battling against male opponents in a "cypher" went viral. The exposure helped Megan gain a more prominent digital presence and following on social media.

She released a long-awaited Good News album, specifically the "Hot Girl Summer" track, which took her to the international rapping stage as her music was being listened to around the globe.

Not just that, she teamed up with Cardi B, and together they released the massively heard WAP single, which has over a billion plays on the Spotify streaming platform alone, and after that, her career changed as she is now a powerhouse of rap and trap.

What awards has Megan Thee Stallion won?


  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Power Anthem: Hot Girl Summer
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Mixtape: Fever
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Live Performer


  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip Hop Video: Savage
  • American Music Award for Favorite Song Rap/Hip Hop: WAP
  • People's Choice Award for Favorite Collaboration Song: WAP
  • Soul Train Music Award for Rhythm & Bars Award: Savage
  • BET Award for Viewer's Choice: Hot Girl Summer
  • BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Hustler of the Year
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Artist of the Year
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collaboration: Savage Remix


  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Song: Savage Remix
  • Grammy Award for Best New Artist
  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance
  • iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Collaboration: Savage Remix
  • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Hip Hop/ Rap Song: Savage Remix
  • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Duo, Group, or Collaboration
  • Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Female Artist
  • Shorty Industry Award for Best in Entertainment: #SavageChallenge

What is Megan Thee Stallion's rap career like?

Megan Stallion released her first single, Like a Stallion, in April 2016. She also released a small SoundCloud-exclusive mixtape, Rich Ratchet (2016) and Megan Mix (2017). 

She made her professional solo debut with the EP Make it Hot. During this period, she made a successful single, Last Week in HTx, that amassed millions of views on YouTube.

In 2018, Megan signed with 1501 Certified Entertainment, an independent label in Houston run by T. Farris and owned by a former baseball player, Carl Crawford. In November 2018, she became the first female rapper to be signed to the 300 Entertainment label. 

She kept on rising to the limelight. In 2019, she released Big Ole Freak as a single from her EP, Tina Snow, and filmed a music video for the track. The EP charted a number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Megan Thee Stallion her first chart entry.

She collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign in August 2019 to release Hot Girl Summer. 

In late 2019, she signed a management deal with Roc Nation.

2020 was a stardom year for Megan. In 2020, she released Suga, Diamonds, Savage, and several other songs. She received her first-ever Billboard Music Award and was a Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon.

What collaborations has Megan Thee Stallion done?

Megan doesn't fail to impress when she collaborates with Major artists in the industry.

She has collaborated with Beyoncé for her smash hit Savage (Remix). She collaborated with Latto, DaBaby, Nicki Minaj, Key Glock, DJ Chose, Sauce Walker, Big Pokey, Ozuna, Normani, and a host of other top artists.

What endorsements does Megan Thee Stallion have?

In 2019, Megan announced her endorsement deals with Coach and Puma. The “Cognac Queen” became the global ambassador for Revlon in 2020. 

Endorsements couldn’t stop coming…

In 2021, Megan collaborated with Popeye’s fast food chain, introducing the new “Hottie Sauce” dressed in an orange cowgirl costume for an advertisement.

The rapper also partnered with Nike for a campaign of the Nike Training Club app. 

What type of merchandise does Megan Thee Stallion sell?

Megan Thee Stallion’s store - She sells T-Shirts of different colors, Crop Tops, hoodies, bikini sets, keychains, heart crops, tube tops, crop tanks, rainbow crops, Hottie Club thongs, pressurelicious cat posters e.t.c

What is Megan Thee Stallion's jewelry collection like?

Megan’s jewelry collection is a cluster pack. Pieces of jewelry like Hot Girl Diamond Necklace, Cuban link choker, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch, e.t.c.

How does Megan Thee Stallion make money?

She makes her money through music, her online shopping store, and her endorsement deals.

What are her social media handles?

She has millions of followers on her TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter pages.

How does she spend her money?

She spends her money on luxury, expensive jewelry, designer clothings, and handbags.

But she also gives back to the community. On February 15, 2022, Megan launched a non-profit, The Pete and Thomas Foundation, in honor of her late mother and father, Holly Thomas and Joseph Pete Jr.

In 2021, she donated a million dollars to women's charity organizations to help mothers who run businesses.


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