If there is a story about turning the odds into favor, it would be Michael Burry’s. The acclaimed stock mogul gained recognition for his projections of the 2007-2010 subprime mortgage crisis and the income he made. One of his most respected assets remains his risk management aptitude, ensuring that his investments do not become total losses. 

The article covers Michael Burry’s net worth, his venture into asset management, and how he became a prominent investor.

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Net Worth$300 million
Age:51 years old
Born:June 19, 1971
Height: 5ft 6in (1.70m)
Country of Origin: United States of America 
Source of Wealth:Investor, Physician, and Asset Manager

How much is Michael Burry's net worth? 

Michael Burry has an estimated $300 million net worth.

Who is Michael Burry? 

Michael James Burry is an American asset manager and alternative investor famous for predicting the mortgage financial crisis in 2007. He was born in San Jose, California, on June 19, 1971. He was there, attending Santa Teresa High School and the University of California in Los Angeles, where he obtained a degree in economics. During this time, he discovered value investing and developed an interest in it. He later acquired a medical degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Tennessee.

After his studies, Michael continued his investment endeavors by combining several assets and funds and making incredible income returns. His success led to his popularly known hedge fund, Scion Capital. There, Michael analyzed the financial market and made profits while managing the risk of losses. His investment strategies established him as the “Wizard of Odds,” further supported by the $100 million gain he made from the collapse of the subprime market in 2007, which he foretold.

In 2013, Michael revamped his pooled investment into Scion Asset Management, containing diverse investment ventures such as farmland, gold, water, and technology. By 2023, Burry’s portfolio extended beyond his previous scope into natural resources with over $44 million in company shares.

How did Michael Burry make his money? 

Micheal’s fortune came from several routes, including the following:


Burry made shrewd acquisitions throughout his career, with one of his notable deals yielding $100 million.

Hedge Funds 

The asset manager had two hedge funds where he pooled resources for profitable ventures. They were Scion Capital and Scion Asset Management, which made investors notable returns.

Credit Default Swaps 

During the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Michael engaged in credit default swaps which collectively yielded $800 million in profits for Michael and his clients.

Subprime Mortgage Market 

Burry engaged the United States real estate market, discovered its looming predicament and analyzed the situation to make a profit.

Stock Holdings 

As an investor, Michael has an extensive collection of shares in companies dealing in technology, mineral resources, and stock supplies. These investments earned him over $44 million in earnings.

Home Loans 

Part of Michael’s dealings included home loans in the subprime market. However, he changed his approach after predicting the subprime mortgage market’s collapse and secured his earnings with those of his investors.

Cash and Bank Accounts 

As an asset investor, Micheal’s hedge funds have garnered over $40 million in recent investments. 

Real Estate Investments 

Burry's income from real estate during the Subprime mortgage crisis was notable, as he made over $700 million in returns.

Collectible Coins 

The asset valuer engaged in crypto coins to understand the digital currency better and determine the profit potential.


Michael invested in Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), specifically Gamestop meme tokens and a few cryptocurrencies, though he observed the crypto market’s volatility.

What are the investments that made Michael Burry famous? 

Throughout his career as an investor, Michael invested in several ventures, contributing significantly to his wealth. These enterprises include:

Subprime Mortgage Market 

Micheal's predictions and earnings from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis established the investor as a seasoned valuer and gained him recognition.

Gold, Silver, and Farmland 

Besides estate, Burry engaged assets he believed to survive recessions, such as mineral ores and farmland.


The renowned investor foretold Bitcoin’s decline in value despite its strength as a crypto coin. His views further reinforced the credibility of his analytical skills.

Stocks of Tech Companies 

Before he invested in estate, Michael acquired shares in tech enterprises and made a fortune from investing against overvalued wares.

Digital Coin Collecting 

During the rise of cryptocurrencies, Burry acquired some digital coin brands to predict the probable income from investments and how stable the crypto market was.

NFT Art Collection 

Burry invested in Gamestop Meme NFTs as he saw the potential in digital art despite the crypto market’s potential state.

Real Estate 

Michael made a substantial $100 million income from his assets in the estate market during the Subprime housing collapse.

Precious Metals 

Burry acquired gold and silver investments under his portfolio, yielding massive returns and urging investors to do the same.

Natural Resources 

The value manager’s unique array of assets comprises natural resources such as mineral ores and plots of land.

Insurance Policies 

Burry’s asset management and credit default-swapping policies made him incredibly wealthy throughout his career.


What is Michael Burry's net worth? 

Michael Burry possesses an estimated $300 million net worth.

What is the history of Michael Burry's hedge fund Scion Capital? 

The value investor’s hedge fund, Scion Capital, was established in the year 2000 with funds collected from Michael’s money and family loans. He named it after one of his favorite novels, The Scions of Shannara (1990).

How did Michael Burry predict the Subprime Mortgage Crisis? 

The keen manager observed the declining trend of housing prices in the United States and the rising mortgage interest rates and deduced that a crisis was imminent. 

What stocks are in Michael Burry's portfolio? 

Micheal Burry's stock portfolio, worth over $44 million, currently comprises shares in the following:

What is the story behind Michael Burry's success? 

Micheal Burry started investing as an interest and achieved his acclaimed wealth from his subprime mortgage profits and investments in his Scion Capital and Scion Asset Management portfolios.

What investments has Michael Burry made in cryptocurrencies? 

Burry invested in Gamestop meme NFTs, and despite seeing the potential of crypto, he remains careful about its volatile trends.

How did Michael Burry make money in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis? 

The investor predicted the fall of the estate market by 2007 and shorted investments made to the mortgage system, making a profit of $100 million as assets decreased in value.

What are Michael Burry's credentials in the investment world? 

Michael Burry is a self-taught investor with over a dozen years of experience in the field. His keen interest in value management and investment led him to develop his firm, Scion Capital, in 2000 and his company Scion Asset Management in 2013. 

What role did Michael Burry play in the housing bubble collapse? 

Burry correctly foretold the fall of the housing bubble in 2007 due to a significant decrease in home prices, increases in interest rates, and money lenders being unable to recover their funds. This incident caused numerous foreclosures, mortgage problems, and the depreciation of loan protection agencies.

What is Michael Burry's investing style?

The famous capitalist’s approach to investing involves risk management to avoid loss, portfolio management to determine which companies to invest in, and observing the trends of successful investors.


Michael Burry's success comes from his efforts and savvy investments. His keen sense of business and risk management enabled him to predict financial trends and act accordingly.

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