Mukesh Ambani is the eldest son of Dhirubhai Ambani, an Indian businessman who founded Reliance Industries in 1958.

Mukesh is an Indian billionaire heir to the fortune of Reliance Industries. He is currently the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, a Fortune Global 500 company, and India's most valuable company by market value.

This article covers Mukesh Ambani's net worth, investments at Reliance Group, and his rise to billionaires stardom.

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What is Mukesh Ambani's net worth?

Mukesh Ambani's net worth is approximately $81 billion.

Who is Mukesh Ambani?

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 19 April 1957 in the British Crown colony of Aden (present-day Yemen) into a Gujarati Hindu family to Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. He has a younger brother Anil Ambani and two sisters, Nina Bhadrashyam Kothari and Dipti Dattaraj Salgaonkar.

Ambani is pivoting Reliance on green energy. The company will be investing $80 billion over the next 10-15 years in renewable energy and building a new complex next to its refinery.

What are the investments of Mukesh Ambani?

1. Oil and gas

2. Manufacturing

3. Telecom

4. Real estate

5. Finance

6. Technology

7. Luxury goods

8. Healthcare

9. Beverages

10. Amusement parks


What is Mukesh Ambani's net worth?

Mukesh Ambani's net worth is approximately $81 billion.

How did Mukesh Ambani become one of the world's top billionaires?

The wealthiest man in India for eight consecutive years. He has become one of the world's top billionaires. He owns approximately 45% of Reliance Industries. 

Reliance has become a conglomerate under his leadership from being a small textile business. He has led the company's ventures into new areas, including refining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, telecom, retail, and media.

In 1981, Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance and managed its backward integration from polyester into textiles, then into petrochemicals in 1986, then into oil and gas exploration, and now into other unrelated areas.

The largest IPO in India

In 1991, a new petroleum subsidiary was founded, and its 1993 IPO was India's largest. In 1993–94, the company became the first Indian company to issue Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) in Luxembourg. Reliance built its Jamnagar oil refinery in 1999 after receiving a license in 1997. Reliance secured 12 oil exploration blocks in the Krishna-Godavari Basin (KG-D6) in the Bay of Bengal the same year. It expanded into communications and refining in 2002.

Since 2005, Mukesh's leadership increased revenues more than sixfold and profits threefold. Reliance's stock has languished for two years due to corporate governance difficulties and its opaque corporate structure, prompting some to brand it the country's top wealth killer. The business is seeking a higher gas price from the government due to the KG-D6 basin's lower output. Crony capitalism and its negative press are hurting the company's reputation. Reliance has also been accused of using its political ties to corrupt the system for better bargains.

Groceries and other consumer businesses

Mukesh's initiatives in retail, 4G wireless broadband, and media indicate Reliance's future growth. Reliance Fresh, its grocery store, is now online. Its 4G broadband venture re-entered the highly competitive telecom sector. Reliance's acquisition of Network 18, an Indian television firm with several stations, sparked debate in the country over whether it tried to stifle bad headlines about it. It supports its 4G content strategy. To add 4G services, it invested in an online tutoring startup.

What are some of the companies owned by Mukesh Ambani?

He owns several companies in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom, and retail sectors.

Here's a list of some of Mukesh Ambani's companies:

  • Reliance Retail Limited: India's largest retailer in terms of revenue. Dealing in apparel, footwear, toys, and much more.
  • Reliance Life Sciences; A diverse and integrated biotechnology initiative of the Reliance Group of companies. Dealing in medical, plant, and industrial biotechnology opportunities.
  • Reliance Power: Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy Pvt. Ltd, under Reliance Power, has developed one of the largest concentrated solar power projects in the world.
  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

One of the most successful companies owned by Mukesh Ambani, this telecommunication network changed the way Indians talked.

  • Reliance Petroleum

This company specializes in oil and energy. It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It earns a revenue of more than Rs 5,778 billion.

  • Network 18

Network 18 is the parent organization behind some of the biggest media houses and channels in the country.

  • Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited

This is a financial services company of Reliance Industries Limited. 

Has Mukesh Ambani been the subject of any fraud allegations?

Not really. India's market regulator only fined him for irregularities in a two-decade-old share issue in his company.

What are Mukesh Ambani's plans for the future of the Reliance Group?

His next focus is on the Indian conglomerate's pivot to green energy. Last year, he unveiled plans to spend $75 billion on clean energy projects over the next 15 years.

What is Mukesh Ambani's background and educational history?

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 19 April 1957 in the British Crown colony of Aden (present-day Yemen) into a Gujarati Hindu family to Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. He has a younger brother Anil Ambani and two sisters, Nina Bhadrashyam Kothari and Dipti Dattaraj Salgaonkar

He lived briefly in Yemen before residing in Mumbai, India, in 1958. His family's financial status improved when they moved to India. 

He attended Hill Grange High School at Peddar Road, Mumbai. He studied at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. 

Mukesh Ambani holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai and was pursuing his MBA from Stanford University when he dropped out to assist his father in the construction of a polyester filament yarn plant.

What investments has Mukesh Ambani made in the tech and telecom sectors?

He has made a lot of investments in tech and telecommunication. He has established systems in these sectors to provide value to Indians.

How has Mukesh Ambani contributed to the Indian economy?

Mukesh Ambani has headed several impacts and influences in the Indian economy through an avalanche of profitable investments in the oil and energy, and textiles industry through Reliance groups.

In late 2022, at the 10th convocation of Pandit Deendayal Energy University,  he said that the Indian economy is likely to grow 13-fold from its current size to become a $ 40 trillion economy by 2047.

He plans to drive this mouth-watering revenue plan by the clean energy revolution and digitalization.

“Three game-changing revolutions (clean energy bio-energy and digital revolution) will govern India's growth in the decades ahead," he said.

What is Mukesh Ambani's current position on the Forbes billionaires list?

Mukesh Ambani is the 9th richest in Forbes World's Billionaires List 2023.


Dhirubhai Ambani, “Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulty and convert adversity to opportunity.” 

Mukesh has pursued his goals and converted many adversities in India into opportunities. He has impacted the economy greatly with his profitable ideas and creations using world-changing systems.

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