I run a mastermind called The Backroom...

And at our meetings, each member shares some of their best ideas that are working right now.

So a couple of our members, Dylan and Dan, get up and sorta waltz on stage like they don't have a care in the world...

And Dylan grabs the mic and speaks with his adorable, disarming Kentucky drawl...

And over the next thirty minutes or so, he outlines how he is making millions on Amazon without doing, like, any work.

In fact, what he does is so stupidly simple and obvious that I asked my mastermind members if anybody wanted to start doing it.

In my estimation, it could be scaled to $100k per month in about a year, maybe less time if someone was really dedicated to it...

So there I was... sitting in my own mastermind, thinking about starting an entirely new business...

It was that good.

"We've sold about $15m on Amazon doing this one thing in the last few years," he said off-hand.

"That's on top of our normal sales, of course. We didn't need any reviews or anything like that."

Hang on, what?


Like... you can run OTHER businesses or a full time job while also doing this?


He doesn't get reviews.

He doesn't source products.

He doesn't even deal with competition.

That's what caught my attention.

So I had to have him on the podcast to go into more detail.