Rapper Rick Ross is continually among the prominent artists when listing icons in rap music. He has come a long way from college football to hip-hip records with widely recognized songs such as Aston Martin Music, Hustlin’, and Gold Roses

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Net Worth$45 million
Age:47 years old
Born:January 28, 1976
Height: 6ft (1.83m)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth:Rapper, Record Producer, and Businessman

What is Rick Ross' net worth? 

Rick Ross has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Who is Rick Ross? 

William Leonard Roberts II, famously called Rick Ross, is a rap artist and entrepreneur from the United States. He was born on January 28, 1976, and raised in Florida, where he attended Miami Carol City High School. He became a football athlete at Albany State College on a sports scholarship and a correctional officer afterward.

In the early 2000s, Rick Ross ventured into rapping and signed with several labels, including Suave House Records and Slip-n-slide Records, where his initial stage name was Teflon Da Don. He eventually chose the rap pseudonym “Rick Ross” based on a former drug dealer, "Freeway" Rick Ross. The rapper released his well-received debut album, Port of Miami, in 2006 and another top-chart collection Trilla in 2008. His fame from both albums earned collaborations with prominent hip-hop artists such as DJ Khaled, Nelly, T-Pain, and Trey Songz.

Ross’s career expanded throughout the late 2010s. He, however, faced issues with the law over narcotic possessions and lawsuits from various sources, including a case with a former drug lord, "Freeway'' Rick Ross, for using the famous moniker. He also faced health challenges with his heart, which led to several hospital stays. Despite the hindrances, Rick Ross continues to produce and perform his rap music, work with other notable musicians, and run his label, Maybach Music Group.

What are the contributing factors to Rick Ross' net worth? 

Rick Ross’s endeavors in rap music and business have significantly increased his net worth. Some of these ventures include:

Career in Music Industry 

Ross’s talent earned him massive performances, tours, record sales, and partnerships with iconic hip-hop artists. His career formed the primary source of his wealth and affluence.

Business Deals and Investments 

The rap icon possesses several Wingstop venues, a record company, and endorses several brands, which make over $1.2 million annually.

Earnings from Concerts and Performances

Rick Ross earns over $60,000 for every performance and approximately $100,000 for every music concert he appears in.

Luxury Cars and Accessories

The established artist possesses a massive garage of exotic cars worth an estimated $4 million, which comprises Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, Ferrari, Chevrolet, and Mercedes brand models. He also owns exquisite estates in Southwest Ranches, Florida, and Georgia with an additional plot called Promised Land zoo.

Brand Partnerships and Endorsement Deals 

Rick Ross engages in many businesses, which include:

These ventures made him over $15 million in revenue.

Marijuana Industry 

One of the acclaimed entertainer’s income sources is his hemp franchise, Hemp Hop.

Album Sales 

Throughout his career, the rapper’s albums garnered over $22 million from album sales, locally and internationally.

Song Copyrights 

Ross made sizable returns from his song tracks and their use in other media. He trademarked his hit single “Hustlin,” but clashes with similar songs impeded his copyright.

YouTube Views 

Rick Ross’s YouTube channel has over two billion viewers and makes over $4 million from ads, contributing to the promotion and sales of his albums and singles.

Rapper Merchandise 

As a rapper, Rick Ross has merchandise comprising his albums, new song releases, and limited edition apparel items


What is Rick Ross' net worth? 

Rick Ross is worth approximately $45 million as a rapper and businessman.

How did Rick Ross become a financial icon? 

The rap entertainer became financially independent by growing his rap career and engaging in several enterprises.

What obstacles did Rick Ross overcome to become a financial icon? 

Rick Ross faced the following challenges during his profession

  • Jail time for gun and drug possession
  • Lawsuits for his name “Rick Ross” by former drug lord "Freeway" Rick Ross
  • Backlash for lyrics and comments in he made
  • Probation for misdemeanors

What is Rick Ross's debut album? 

Rick Ross’s first recognized album was Port of Miami, which he released in 2006.

How much did Rick Ross's debut single make? 

The rapper's debut single, Hustlin, made a significant portion of an estimated $12 million in earnings.

How did Rick Ross become so famous in the rap world? 

Rick Ross’s fame as a rapper grew extensively from his critically acclaimed song titles and partnerships with major brands and celebrated music stars.

What is Rick Ross's website name? 

The name of Rick Ross’s online platform is Rick Ross Port of Miami 2, where he promotes his merch and albums.

What type of business ventures has Rick Ross invested in? 

The entrepreneur ventured into enterprises, including:

  • Ownership of Wingstop food outlets
  • The record label, Maybach Music Group
  • Endorsement for
    • The Luc Belaire Rose Champagne
    • Tequila 1800
    • Ewing Athletics
  • A recreational hemp franchise, Hemp Hop

What is the estimated value of Rick Ross's waterfront mansion? 

The illustrious artist owned a lavish 109-roomed waterfront estate in Fort Lauderdale, Georgia, worth over $5 million, which he sold for $6 million.

What is the name of Rick Ross's rap genre? 

As a music artist, Rick Ross specializes in the hip-hop genre of rap.


Rick Ross established his rap career with excellent networking and productivity. His engagement with other businesses showcases that entrepreneurs can find success beyond the reach of their talents.

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