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This week we talked with Travis Killian, who has made a 10-figure business out of selling physical products on Amazon. We wanted to let you know what Travis learned about growing his business; he’s got great tips that you can apply to your own venture now.


Commit to the journey. Travis got into entrepreneurship as a teenager, but it was years before he felt he had made it. He would discover a talent for search engine optimization and lead generation, which he would harness for his 10-figure success: selling physical products on Amazon.


It may feel rough in the early days, but you need to hang in there if you want to taste success. Travis did.


You either provide value, or you don’t. Years ago, Travis was so desperate for business success that he was pushing affiliate links online for products and services he didn’t really care about. When a close friend told him he was basically trying to make money by getting people to buy things they don’t really need or want, he had an epiphany.


He shut down his affiliate marketing business, and vowed from that day forward to make and sell things that actually improve people’s lives. He hasn’t looked back, and it continues to be at the core of the focus on quality behind his physical products enterprise.


Don’t be greedy; a giving mindset will bring success and a team who wants you to succeed. Travis makes sure he goes above and beyond with the work he does. His colleagues and friends have picked up on that, and as a result, he’s been able to hire a team who also goes the extra mile for him.


With only about six full-time equivalent staff on hand, he’s been able to scale to 10-figures in less than two years. How? Because he wants to do right by other people, so he attracts people who want to do right by him.


We hope you found Travis’s journey as insightful as we did!


Key takeaways:

  • Commit to the journey
  • You either provide value, or you don’t, and
  • Don’t be greedy; a giving mindset will bring success and a team who wants you to succeed


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