Antonia Wright, also known as Toya Wright, rose to fame as Lil Wayne’s wife years ago. More importantly, she is currently a businesswoman and successful author. Toya is also a TV personality who has starred in a number of top rated series, not to mention her large social media following where she often receives sponsorships. With all of these opportunities, Toya has built a great net worth over the years. 

Toya Wright Net Worth: $9 Million

How Toya Wright is Building Her Net Worth

Although she’s commonly known for her connection to Lil Wayne, many don’t know about her entrepreneurial side. For one, she is an author. Her first book is titled “Priceless Aspirations,” which discusses the struggles she faced in her early teenage years. Her second book is called “In My Own Words… My Real Reality.'' Her final book is titled “How to Lose a Husband.” In addition, Toya and her daughter Reginae released a book called “You Just Don’t Get It” that they wrote together.

Aside from her best-selling books, she owns two boutiques! Toya Wright’s boutique in New Orleans is called G.A.R.B. Toya also owns a shoe boutique in Smyrna, Georgia called GARB Shoetique. She is a fashionista, so she has built a business that she loves. In addition, fans can purchase Toya’s clothes that are gently used – there are quite an array of designer brands available. 

Her online store for hair products has gained popularity as well. Before Bed Headz sells silk bonnets and scarves to protect your hair before bed.

On the Screen

Toya Wright has created much of her wealth through television. To start off her career, she starred in “Tiny and Toya,” a show that aired in June of 2009 on BET. At the time, it was the highest rated series on the network. She starred in the show with Tameka (Tiny) Harris, the wife of T.I. Tiny’s net worth is around $5 million (she was also a singer in the R&B group “Xscape” and has acted in other series as well as movies. 

In addition, Toya starred in a BET reality show based around herself that released in 2016 and ran for one season with 16 episodes, called “Toya: A Family Affair.” It surrounded her struggles as a single mother in addition to family issues with her mother and brother. This was the same year that both of her brothers were shot and killed. 

Aside from these television series, she starred in “My Super Sweet 16” in 2014 and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” in 2016. She is a supporting cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” that started airing in 2017. Finally, she was cast in “Friends and Family Hustle” since 2018. 

Toya has also begun working in music by supporting her daughter Reginae’s career. 

Social Media

A large chunk of her net worth comes from social media sponsorships – one example is Fashion Nova. Of course, she promotes her own brands as well. Toya Wright’s Instagram boasts 7 million followers in addition to 1.5 million followers on Twitter. With the boost of influencer marketing, it’s no surprise that a large amount of her net worth comes from this. 

She also posts about events that she is involved with, some recent appearances including The Fashion Insider Panel and Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo. She has plenty of posts about her children as well. Her fans admire her passion for women empowerment as well as the way she embraced motherhood at such a young age. 

How old is Toya Wright? At 36 years old, she’s doing pretty well for herself. 

Before Business

Let’s go back before Toya starred in television series or built her successful businesses and social media following. She is the ex-wife of famous rapper Lil Wayne (net worth of $150 million and one of the richest rappers in the world). They met at a corner store when Toya was only 12 years old. Only two years later, they had their first child together when Toya was 14 and Lil Wayne was 15. He was just beginning his career as a rapper. 

They were married in 2004 when Toya was 21 years old, but were divorced just two years later because of his lifestyle. Even so, they remained friends and were able to raise their daughter on good terms. 

Five years after she separated from Lil Wayne, Toya Wright married Mickey “Memphitz” Wright in 2011 (Memphitz net worth is 10 million). They broke up in 2015. 

Toya Wright’s Kids 

Currently, Toya Wright is unmarried and has two kids. Her firstborn daughter is named Reginae Carter, who she had with Lil Wayne in 1998. Toya Wright’s age was 35 when she had her second daughter – Reign Rushing, born in 2018 with Robert Rushing. He is an Atlanta sports manager and clothing brand owner. It’s hard to tell if they are still together, but sources say they recently purchased a house together.

Toya Wright’s daughter Reginae is pursuing a music career (her nearly 5 million Instagram followers will definitely help her with this). Since her dad is Lil Wayne and her mom has other connections in the music industry, we can imagine she has plenty of opportunities popping up. Her most successful song was released 5 years ago and has over 2 million views on Youtube. She has also collaborated on two songs with her dad. 

Where Does Toya Wright’s Net Worth Go?

With her love for fashion, we see much of Toya’s money spent on her closet. She definitely splurges on clothes – Toya is always dressed in the most recent trends and, of course, designer brands. Years ago, she surprised her ex-husband with a pair of $5,000 sneakers!

She also recently purchased a new house with Robert Rushing, but there isn’t much information about this publicly available.


Although we couldn’t find Toya Wright’s house, she has shown off her Mercedes G-Wagon on Instagram (worth over $100,000). She even bought a matching car for Reign! Aside from this, her daughter Reginae seems to have a more glamorous portfolio of cars. She was given a brand new BMW and Ferrari for her 16th birthday a few years ago. Reginae also apparently has a Range Rover and is looking to purchase a new car. 

In addition, Toya’s daughter Reginae is attending Clark Atlanta University. She also purchased her own home when she was just 20 years old! It’s hard to imagine she’s funded all of this with her own money, but she does have a couple million of net worth from her music. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Toya Wright’s net worth is impressive and she built it all on her own. With her significant social media following and number of businesses she owns, we’re excited to see her fortune grow even larger in the next few years. Her growth mindset can get her anywhere!