Who would have thought that the host of the show Wheel of Fortune herself owns a fortune worth of wealth? Yes, we’re talking about Vanna White. The host of Wheel of Fortune and a successful television and film actress, she has made millions of dollars throughout the timeframe of her career. But, what did she exactly do to get there? In this article, we'll decode the famous show host Vanna White's net worth and career roadmap. So, let's dive straight into it.

Vanna White’s Net Worth$85 million
Full NameVanna Marie Rosich
Age65 year old
Born (Date of Birth)February 18, 1957
Place of BirthConway, South Carolina, United States
Height5′ 6″ (1.67m)
Sources of wealthShow Host, Investments, Acting

What is Vanna White's net worth?

Vanna White's net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $85 million.

Who is Vanna White?

On February 18, 1957, Vanna Marie Rosich was born to Joan Marie and Miguel Angel Rosich in Conway, South California. 

Later on, she chose to adopt her stepfather's name when her parents got divorced, and she was still a young child. She then moved to Atlanta after earning her high school diploma in North Myrtle Beach.

While Vanna was a student at the Atlanta School of Fashion, she started working as a model and later moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to pursue a career in acting.

What Are The Sources of Vanna White's Wealth?

Following are the sources of Vanna White's wealth: 

Modeling and Acting Career 

While pursuing a career in fashion, she started modeling and participated in Miss Georgia USA in 1978. She has appeared in supporting roles in numerous movies and television shows in addition to her work on Wheel of Fortune. Through all this, Vanna White makes a good amount of wealth for herself.

Brand Endorsements 

The TV show host has many brand collaborations under her name that come from different fashion labels. It is reported that Vanna White makes a major chunk of her wealth through these brand deals.

Lion Brand Yarn Partnership 

The actress will preside over the Lion Brand fashion show on January 30 for the fifteenth consecutive year. White has 18 years of experience as a Lion Brand representative, and she even has her own yarn brand, Vanna's Choice. The famous show host makes a good amount of money through this partnership.

Casino Slot Machines 

Vanna White's annual income isn't primarily from her Wheel of Fortune salary. In fact, she earns a whopping $15 million per year from casino image licensing. 

Reality Show Career 

White has been a famous figure in the reality TV industry in the US, and there is no doubt that she minted tons of dollars through this.

Beverly Hills Mansion 

Vanna White has lived in a 10,000-square-foot estate in the hills above Beverly Hills since the early 2000s, paying $3.4 million for it. This house is probably worth more than $10 million right now and is considered a fabulous investment by the actress.

Modeling Contract with Playboy

If you were thinking that making a living was easy, you would be shocked to know that Vanna White once posed for Playboy magazine just to pay her rent. Yes, the actress was featured in the popular magazine for quite some time, and back when the fans of Wheel of Fortune came to know about this, it created a lot of buzz. 

What Is The List Of Vanna White's Assets?

Here is the list of Vanna White's assets: 

House in Sherman Oaks, California 

Vanna spent $1.125 million on a residence in Sherman Oaks, California, in 2013. In May 2020, she put this house on the market for rent at $20,000 per month. Well, making a quarter of a million dollars through rent is not as bad as it seems.

Beverly Hills Mansion 

Vanna White has lived in a 10,000-square-foot estate in the hills above Beverly Hills since the early 2000s, paying $3.4 million for it. This house is probably worth more than $10 million right now.

Property Portfolio 

White's amazing portfolio is a result of his multimillion-dollar net worth and real estate interest. In 2020, she listed her lavish Beverly Hills home for $38 million.

Diamonds and Jewelry Collection 

Vanna White has invested in diamonds and jewelry with premium quality that can be liquified in cash in the future. 

Art Collection 

Vanna White has an art collection of millions of dollars that can be sold in the future, and wealth can be generated. 

Barbara Gerlach Collection 

Vanna White has a collection of Barbara Gerlach photos. 


How old is Vanna White?

As of 2023, Vanna White is 65 years old. 

What is Vanna White's net worth?

As per the 2023 estimation, the net worth of Vanna White is estimated to be $85 million. 

What is Vanna White's salary?

Vanna White's salary is estimated at $6 million per year. 

What is Vanna White's house like?

Outside, the home of the Goddess of Love, Vanna White, appears to be large, which is not surprising given that it has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a sizable kitchen, a wine cellar, and a four-car garage. The old home of Vanna White also comes with a private gym and an indoor theater.

What is Vanna White's acting career like?

Vanna White is best known for her role as the letter-turner on the game show Wheel of Fortune. She has also made appearances in several films and television shows, including the films Graduation Day and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult and the television show Simon & Simon and Super Password. However, she has not had a significant acting career.

What is Vanna White's yarn line?

Vanna White has always loved yarn. You’ll see her face on her own line of yarn made by Lion. Vanna has spent the last 18 years serving as the company's spokeswoman.

What is Vanna White's crochet hobby?

Vanna White had spoken about her crochet hobby in an interview that she enjoys crocheting blankets. Over the years, she made several pieces as presents for friends and family. Each one has a tag inside stating, "Handmade for you by Vanna White."

How does Vanna White make money from her yarn company?

Vanna white generated $1.8 million in 2018 from her yarn company, crocheting, and a percentage of that is being given to charity. 

How has Vanna White's popularity changed over time?

Vanna White slowly and gradually started to have an investment in profitable aspects along with acting on TV shows. 

What other endeavors have Vanna White been involved in?

Vanna White is involved in crocheting and other property investments that can act as an asset for her. 


Vanna White has seen a lot in her life, and it is because of her sheer talent and hard work that she is worth more than $85 million as of now. From posing for Playboy magazine to hosting one of the most popular game shows in the US, Vanna White came a long way. Not just that, she even kept a keen eye on building her wealth over time as it is surprising to realize that she made more money out of her other business endeavors than she did from her acting and hosting career.

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