Do you have any idea how many opportunities there are that exist now?

We blame the government for unemployment, while all the while there are more economic opportunities if you simply took responsibility and did something about it, than ever before.

You have the internet, you have disruptive technologies, you have all kinds of new inventions. Things are changing and improving faster than ever, which creates more opportunity.

But we sit here and we bitch and we moan and complain about not wanting things to change.

We want to have predictability. We want to have expectations of how things are going be.

You create those. You are the one who decides what makes you secure by what you produce in the marketplace.

How lazy have we become that we are afraid of change, that we are afraid of other people creating value?

This is your life. You can create whatever it is that you want in the world.

And there's more opportunity, more ability to do that than ever before.

So stop waiting for government to do something about it.

And by the way, I'm not against government. I'm just against programs that don't fucking work.

It is a much better strategy for you to do something about it and for you to represent and make the change that you want to experience.


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