I'm Ryan Moran and I've been part of the community of internet marketers for 10 years.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is really just a fancy way of saying: creating compelling offers on the internet through persuasion and good copy writing in order to convince enough people to buy products.

Now, while a lot of marketers are either focused on how much money everybody else makes or how they can persuade the next person to buy something, those who passionately believe in what they’re doing tend to do better.

Too many internet marketers are stuck in this earning contest rather than focusing their energy on providing the best value to customers or solving the world’s biggest problems.

An entrepreneur is essentially someone who sees a gap in the marketplace and provides a solution. This kind of problem solving and innovation is how entrepreneurs get financially rewarded, but it all goes downhill the moment the game becomes the sole pursuit of more money. – That’s when you lose all freedom because that’s when you have stopped creating.

There are so many unhappy people who despite being wealthy and having a big audience feel so empty, and worry about money more than they did before they made any money. They have forgotten that an entrepreneur is someone who solves problems, not a slave to their own wealth.

So if you’re making more money than you ever imagined and still feel unfulfilled, ask yourself if you’ve lost your reason why. Is your main goal to become the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs because you want to be a billionaire, or because you want to create a company that impacts the world and solves problems?

Once you have enough funding to move forward with your plans, once you’ve achieved the skill set you need, remember the only way to feel fulfilled and get that B next your name is by identifying a problem so big that it motivates you to move forward. – That’s how you create fulfillment and that’s how you create change.

As an internet marketer you are in a unique position; you understand persuasion, marketing, and probably have a following. You have the ability to impact millions of people at the click of a button, but you will never do that if you only see that as power to serve yourself.

True wealth doesn’t come from a mentality of "take." It’s from a mentality of "how many people can I serve?"

It’s time to remember to solve problems. That’s when entrepreneurship is cool. That’s when capitalism is cool again. And it’s up to YOU to change it.


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