Grant Cardone was a very carefully selected keynote speaker at the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event (2015). We sought high and low for someone who could come to the event and unpack what it takes to effectively invest in real estate to build assets and wealth. When he came to see what Grant has been able to do via real estate he felt like he was the guy to do it. So he invited Grant, got confirmation, then started talking about what he would talk about. On this podcast episode, Ryan shares what happened between the two of them and why he’s publicly called Grant out for not delivering the goods.

When you agree to something, you should do it, Grant.

As we chatted about Grant's involvement in the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event for 2015 I told Grant his own desire to understand how real estate investing works and made it very clear that the only thing he wanted Grant to address was the strategies behind successful real estate investment. Grant agreed. In fact, he said, “I’ll give the whole talk just for you.” But what happened when Grant got up on stage was something entirely different. Did he mention real estate investing? Yeah, he mentioned it. But did he lay out a framework for what it takes to get started in real estate investing? Not a bit. You can hear what happened in this episode.

The first mistake Grant made was to stay small.

Most of us don’t have enough courage. We feel inhibited or incompetent and let that rule us. That’s why we stay small. One of the things Grant spoke about in his keynote from Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015 was the need to play bigger than you’re used to playing. He says that his first mistake was to stay small - but when he got past that and decided that it was OK for him to be loud, be obnoxious, and get attention, that’s when everything changed. You can hear Grant's recounting of the mindset he had to develop to get past his limitations and get to success, on this episode.

Grant Cardone: More is survival, not greed.

The way things work is that everything winds down over time. Even monetary or business success. That’s one of the reasons you have to be pushing to gain more all the time. Growth only happens as you work to make it happen. That’s not being greedy, it’s being smart. In this keynote address, Grant tells why he is always pushing for more than he has now and tells why the results he gets are the only thing that keeps his business from going backward.

Why you need to feed the beast and starve the doubts.

Grant refers to his ambition and desire for freedom and success as “the beast.” His business philosophy is centered around feeding that beast and starving his doubts. What does it mean to feed the beast? Set big goals. Review those goals every day. Relentlessly work toward those goals day in and day out. Review them again in the evening and hit “reset” for the next day. How do you starve the doubts? You reset your belief in yourself every day and you fight the nagging voices that tell you that you need to play smaller. You can hear Grant’s approach to tenacity in business on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Podcast Episode

  • [0:04] My introduction to this episode with Grant Cardone - and what happened behind the scenes.
  • [1:17] My search to find someone who would speak about real estate investing.
  • [5:37] What happened with Grant Cardone at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015.
  • [8:20] The Twitter war Grant started with me.
  • [12:07] Why it’s your responsibility to change your seat if you need to.
  • [15:11] The reason “entrepreneur” means “risk.”
  • [23:59] Why it is not a natural condition to be overwhelmed and why you will lose if you are.
  • [28:51] One of the biggest mistakes of Grant's life.
  • [31:40] The difference between a complaint and an objection.
  • [35:30] What is your potential?
  • [41:00] Why Grant never wants to own a house again.
  • [48:52] Why debt helped Grant become wealthy.
  • [57:36] The choices every person has in life.
  • [1:00:16] Why Grant protects the wealth he has.
  • [1:05:20] Why you have to feed the beast and starve the doubts.
  • [1:10:44] My summary and explanation of why he was disappointed in Grant's keynote.
  • [1:11:15] What you can expect from Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Think bigger. You are capable of much more than you think you are. You can’t let the obstacles become hindrances.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Learn how to feed your ambition and starve your doubts. As you identify the doubts that are holding you back you’ll see more clearly how to increase your activity level to accomplish clear goals.

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