There are so many distractions that get in the way of identifying your primary focus.

How can you find that one thing will set off a domino effect that will transform your entire business?

What is the one thing in your world that you really need to do? The one thing that would have a huge impact on your business and would alleviate any pain you are feeling by not getting it done?

In this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, host Ryan Daniel Moran brings back Geoff Woods to analyze his own empire building efforts. Geoff dives into four ways empire builders prioritize for success.


#1 - Define the purpose of your goal

Define your focus area and follow it through to completion before moving on to your next goal. This is the single most important thing in driving your company towards success. Focusing on too many things at once will dilute your outcome.

Geoff Woods believes that it is quite simply to be appropriate in the moment.

Set a vision somewhere out in the future so you can look back at this moment right now and ask “how do I show up as the best version of myself now?”

Most people set goals that are doable and within their comfort zone. That’s not where extraordinary results lie.

Others reach for stretch goals. Goals that sit on the outer edge of their comfort zone but still within their skill set. They are uncomfortable but still doable. That’s not where extraordinary results lie.

You need to be a bigger thinker and ask bigger questions in order to find bigger answers. Focusing on possibility-based goals that are beyond your comfort zone and skill set. This focus will decide your future.

If people don’t decide their futures they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures for them. You need to identify the habits you need to acquire in the now that will automatically carry you through to those possibility-based goals.


#2 - Identify the habits that will elevate your company to the next level

Most business owners build a business that they are shackled to. Geoff believes the definition of a business owner is someone who can take a step back from their company and their net worth continues to go up.

In order to achieve that level of inclusion, there are certain habits that you would need to acquire. Once you’ve identified the habits that will fast track you to your goals, you then need to figure out what needs to change in order for you to be able to execute that habit to 100% of your capability.

Of the habits you have identified, which one makes the others easier or unnecessary?

Gaining clarity on your priority is hard. Geoff says “It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the box of your own life”.

Often it’s easier to keep doing what you’ve been doing because it’s comfortable. However, getting different results is going to require different habits, actions, and ways of thinking.

You can master all of these habits but they must be done sequentially, one at a time before you earn the right to move onto the next.

You need to identify the end zone to your goals in order to measure whether your goal has been met.

For example, you set yourself a goal to hire a marketing director. Once that marketing director is through the door this is just the first phase of this goal. You’ve not earned the right to shift your focus until you have proof that they are able to deliver the results you require from them.


#3 - Distinguish distractions using the 411 model

The 411 (four weeks, one month, one year) model provides the clarity you need to do your job to the highest possible outcome. Applying the same method company-wide enables your entire staff to achieve their goals and drive your company towards its overall vision.

Within this model, you are better equipped to distinguish between distraction and what will line you up with achieving your goals.

First, you set a clear goal for what you need to achieve in a year. Next, identify with absolute clarity the handful of things you need to achieve in a month in order to be on track for your yearly goal. Finally, based on what you need to achieve in any given month you must identify what you need to accomplish in a week.

At the front of the 411 are the inherent and true priorities, the back is a laundry list of great ideas and the 80% of the to-do list that is not a priority but still needs to get done.


#4 - Once you know the why, follow the what and how

Taking a company from 0-1 million is all about the what and the how. At this level, you can still be the person driving the company and telling others what to do, and what not to do.

When you're striving to push your company into the realm of eight figures, you’re suddenly talking about a system which means you no longer have direct control over everybody.

The definition of leadership is teaching people how to get what they need when they need it.

Helping your team to find the answers themselves, so they can figure things out on their own is mandatory for taking that step.

Only once you have taken a step back and allowed your team to drive the company on their own will you be able to grow your company beyond your own personal abilities.


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