We're about halfway through 2017, already into festival season and stoked to see our favorite bands. But to play hard, we work hard.

By working hard, we don't mean "harder."

We mean being effective and strategic in our execution to dramatically impact your returns. And we learn how to do that by surrounding ourselves with high achievers, innovators, leaders -- people who are changing the world.

Those individuals often speak - and engage with entrepreneurs - at some of the amazing - and fun - business conferences for entrepreneurs. And many of them are happening in the remaining six months of 2017!

Ticket sales and early-bird discounts are available for some of the best business conferences around.

Business conferences are excellent opportunities for learning new strategies, expanding your network, and finding potential collaborators or investors for your entrepreneurial endeavors.

But there are a lot of events out there that leave attendees wanting more. We've weeded those out to create a list of events you'll regret not attending.

So grab your calendar and flip to December. We're working our way backward from the end of this year to next month so you can get the best deals for the best business conferences entrepreneurs should not miss in 2017.

#1 - Freedom Fast Lane Live presents... CapCon - December 7-9 - Austin, TX

The Capitalism Conference (CapCon) is the best way to set you up for a successful 2018. For three days, you'll be surrounded by some of the top entrepreneurs, capitalists and investors on the planet. The purpose of this conference is to bring millionaires and billionaires together to help people grow businesses from zero to $100 million and every step in between.

It's a beast of a conference that grew out of Freedom Fast Lane Live, the annual event in Austin, Texas, launched in 2015 by Capitalism.com founder and CEO Ryan Moran. Network with individuals who have built businesses, invested the profits, and avoided taxation so they could keep more of what they earn. Being around them "nomalizes" big success. Early bird tickets are available now!

#2 - Summit - November 3-6, 2017 - Downtown Los Angeles, CA

This is a different kind of business conference. Not traditional whatsoever, Summit is an opportunity to mix up your schedule of learning tactical skills for brand building, digital marketing and business development with experiences like breathing classes and 3-D printing workshops. Since the event in the city of stars, of course people like Kobe Bryant, Jessica Alba and other celebrities are on the roster of Summit presenters. The event is spread out across downtown, weaving from century-old theaters to rooftops, parks and back alleys that host immersive art exhibitions, speaking engagements, dining, musical performances and more.

#3 - PopTech: Instigate - October 19-21 - Camden, ME

Thinking of starting a business that helps address a big problem in the world? PopTech is known for bringing together innovators to devise solutions to those problems. This year's event is hosted by a professor of neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management, whose former 10-year career as a hacker breaking into governments and financial organizations sparked his interested in understanding human behavior and the brain. It's an eclectic event, with attendees who are passionate about new ideas and represent a variety of fields, including technology, design, science, business, academia, arts, social entrepreneurship, and more.

#4 - B2B Marketing Forum - October 3-6 - Boston, MA

MarketingProfs are ramping up for their annual B2B Marketing Forum, an event for learning and sharing trade secrets among business-to-business marketers from around the globe. The forum includes day-long workshops for marketers on marketing and sales alignment, strategy and planning, buyer-centric demand generation, and content rules. Attendees will hear keynotes on high-impact leadership, the impact of artificial intelligence on ad buying, the use of art and creativity in marketing, and opportunities for humanitarian activism through marketing campaigns.

#5 - Content & Commerce Summit - September 17-21 - Los Angeles, CA

This event is about getting digital publishers, media strategists, Amazon sellers, e-commerce experts, bloggers, podcasters and others together to network, share ideas and discover opportunities for developing multiple revenue streams for their businesses. Going beyond traditional paywalls, monetizing audiences, circumventing commoditization and the "Amazon effect," are focal points of the Content & Commerce Summit. Learn what's working in e-commerce and content marketing right now, what's coming in the future and how to hedge against those factors.

#6 - MozCon - July 17-19 - Seattle, WA

Online marketing is the focus of MozCon, the annual conference for experts in SEO, brand development, customer acquisition, data analytics, user experience, social media, content marketing, and more. From ranking higher in the SERPs to using data to make decisions on marketing, the roster of MozCon speakers will share next-level tactics to implement for clients or your own business.